Face Everything and Rise

Fight or Flight Threat Response

Every time we feel threatened (threat is the fundamental definition of stress) our first instinct is to “fight or flight“.

This perpetual “fight or flight” response loop eventually creates a host of secondary problems, above and beyond, the original stressor.

It does not matter how we attempt to “control” a stressful situation – physically, verbally, or by running away from it.

Eventually, a repetitive “fight or flight” response cycle takes a significant toll on our bodies.

Is There a Better Way?

Be Gentle With Yourself

Tune into Your Body. Your Breath. This Moment in Time.

Consciously Choose Courage over Fear

  • FEAR -> Forget Everything And Run
  • FEAR -> Face Everything And Rise

Strengths First

The acronym Face Everything And Rise reminds us that the many strengths within us will always be greater than the perceived threats and stress outside us.

The key is to first discover and then embrace each and every one of our divine gifts. Within us. And all around us.

Stand Your Sacred Ground

The mantra Stand Your Sacred Ground inspires us to stand still, take a deep breath, and trust that being yourself is enough.

No Fight. No Flight. No Fear.

Simply holding your ground is enough.

Courage is grace under pressure.

Ernest Hemingway

30 thoughts on “Face Everything and Rise

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    1. Love knowing the message hit home! Especially as I head back into the classroom for in person learning — for the first time since early December. The inspiration for this post Annette. Originally crafted in 2017 and added onto this month. Helping my students (and students of life like yourself) feel safe. Reminding them of their strengths. Our collective courage — To. Carry. On.

  1. Once again you are here with words I need for the day. Bless you. In these troubling times, where the chronically ill are being overlooked, I need to feel safe. I am working on changing the track in my head. Thanks

    1. VJ ♥️ I feel your blessing. And I understand and honour the emotional and physical toll of chronic illness. Suffering that is alleviated by internal dialogue AND augmented by external rhetoric / dismissiveness – depending on the whims of others.

      I am back on campus at the college in person this week, so it was important that I reflect on all the ways that we are collectively pulled in so many directions. And how we all have courage. Built in. Built in courage. In our sacred space and hearts ♥️

      Grateful for your encouragement. It helps me know I am on track.

  2. Not only wise but encouraging words. Faith to move mountains, hope to achieve this, whilst we struggle with the moving. These will both pass, but the key – love, will endure forever. Long may you share your treasures with us. Blessings, Peter.

    1. Long deep breath as I read your comment Peter. Your words are pure light. 5,804 km away – across the Atlantic. And it hits me Instantly! Thank YOU for the courage to continue on. Together. We. Move. Mountains. And I will never ever give up. 🏔 📚💚

    1. Syl!! Smiling big time on the other side of the screen. Who knew that I simple sentence could light someone UP. That’s what your comments do for me every single time. So grateful we connected all those years ago on WordPress. Wishing you a February filled with grace, courage, and spectacular opportunities. Because.. why.. not .. us ⚡️ ✨💎🙏💛

      1. A big smile here too, Andrea! We are fulfilling a divine connection scripted long ago. A blessing I always count. Wishing you a February filled with inspiration, insight, direction, grace and rewarding opportunities. You are covered by grace always and courage will rise up when needed..Stay awesome, dearest friend 🌟⚡💎🙏🏽💙

        1. I feel the grace! Thank you Syl. And also for the connection on instagram today. IG is a great place to discover what’s happening with my students. As I have always found that the best place to teach + reach is from the perspective youth are living in. Enjoy this beautiful day! Andrea ✨

          1. You’re so very welcome and more than happy to connect on IG. When you can see things through someone else’s perspective you broaden your own perspective. You have a wonderful day!! Syl 🌟

  3. I have a tendency to solve problems at mock speed. Which is something that no longer works on “Covid time”. I appreciate the reminder that simply standing in my own power is enough. Being myself is enough. Letting what surrounds me to support and carry me. A sentiment underscored by your video in the post. Thank you for the gentle nudge. It is received.

  4. Very well covered as always Dr Andrea. Yes, flight or fight are generally the two responses or reactions a normal human has to fear. Though there are some who just get so dumbfounded by the situation that they just fail to respond and in a way just surrender to the situation.
    One got to understand the ‘why’ of what he or she fears to give a reasoned response. That’s what I think u meant by being grounded …trying to reason.
    Of course ..it is the mind which generates the fear ..which are generally related to the beliefs we have grown with or some experiences we have had.
    Most fears are unfortunately related to ‘ what now’ and what will people think’ syndrome. Which actually has no logical rationale.
    Stay blessed Dr Andrea and keep inspiring.🙏🌹🙏

    1. Well said Jas!

      It is unbelievable how much ALL OF US get stuck in the fear loop the ‘what will people think’ syndrome. .. only to one day WAKE UP and realize that everyone is too busy looking into their “black mirror” aka their cell phone — worried about what people are thinking about them — to give 2 seconds thought to what they think of you 😉

      Cheers to the freedom realization that we only get ONE LIFE .. and the only way to live that life is right here right now. Independent of the opinion of others aka imaginary audience — I wrote a blog on this:


      Thank you for taking the time to read and share your thoughts. Your wisdom keeps my perspective fresh! Dr. Andrea 💭 💕

    1. Holding ground with you! Less force, more flow is my mantra for 2022 and beyond. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment Khaya. It’s reassuring to know the message arrived right on time! Divine time. 💕 Dr. D

  5. This is a very timely topic. Sometimes the loop is very old and ingrained and the toll on our bodies has added up. Tough to break out of even with your very wise suggestions. Asking those questions may not yield any answers. Gotta keep on going somehow though! Thanks.

  6. What a wonderfully encouraging and uplifting blog, my friend. Life is a sacred space and learning that we have the courage to deal with this life if we face it. With the help of the Lord. Thanks for your inspiring words–yet again.

    1. “Life is a sacred space” Amen to courage, faith, and grace. Divine virtues that we all need to be reminded of daily for our community. Because no one does it alone. Thank you Dayle. Your words encourage me too. 🙏 ✨

  7. Love your acronyms for fear!

    Forget Everything And Run

    Face Everything And Rise

    I will be using them with my grade 8 students in our wellness classes.

    Thank you for the ideas 🙏

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