Psychology Class on Addiction and Stigma



In psychology class this week we are talking about stigma and drug addiction and why it’s important to lean in, listen, and get curious about why people do what they do.

End the stigma. Change lives.



The second topic of discussion in psychology class is clarity and communication.

And how important it is to GET TO THE POINT in drug prevention and public awareness programs.

Especially with youth!



Garnering student input about current drug prevention programs provided an opportunity for students to create a 2 Word Slogan for ENDING STIGMA.



1. Watch the psychology video to see the 2 word ending stigma slogan created by students in psychology class this week.

Hint: Also on the chalkboard in photo above ^

2. Share your 2 word slogan with family and friends as a way to encourage open and honest communication.


Get to know the ‘story behind the story’ of people’s lives. Look below the surface. Create a safe space for understanding and healing.

Psychology Video: 

Psychology Resources:

16 thoughts on “Psychology Class on Addiction and Stigma

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  1. No doubt communication matters most in resolving any issue..including concerning health. What matters most is how that communication is made because on that will depend on how well the affected recieves and grasps it.
    Stay blessed Dr Andrea…keep inspiring 🌹🙏🌹

    1. So true Jas.

      Communication is a two way street.

      Thank you for the continued support!

      Your words encourage me to keep communicating.

      Psychology education for everyone is my goal!

      🌹 🌎 🇮🇳 📖 🇨🇦

    1. Amen Annette! Amen. 🙏

      “We’re all just walking each other home.” Ram Dass

      Thank you for sharing your personal journey on this topic.

      Your words give this blog post gravity and grace. ♥️ ♥️

  2. Win-win communication, where we don’t pass judgment or criticize, is what’s needed, but it’s so hard when we often deal with our own stories and question whether we matter. Thank you for your insights and wisdom. It takes a loving God to remind us each that we matter, that our lives have value, and that we were made for more than what we so often settle for.

    1. So true about project Dayle!

      Clean the ‘slate’ before communicating, especially on triggering, sensitive topics.

      This is what creates this safe space.

      No one is better. No one is worse.

      We’re all on a different point and time — on the same human experience.

      Thank you for taking the time to read, watch, and comment.

      I value your input.


  3. What surprises you the most when you teach this topic to college and university students?

  4. To often we put labels on groups of individuals without thought. Putting them into societies boxes that only serve to stigmatise and separate these individuals further still.
    If I had just two words to impart, it would be
    ‘You’re Loved ‘
    Because many are searching, and craving, just to be loved.

    Great subject Andrea, and ‘great works ‘ you do.💕💖💕


      ^ I will write this on the board the next time I teach and let them know the words of wisdom came from you, Sue.

      Grateful for your guidance and kind words.

      Feeling the 💗

  5. I’m here

    I worked In harm reduction at a needle exchange in college, this was important to me as my brother was an addict for a long time and I never wanted him to die and needle exchanges helped him stay disease free and eventually he got sober and has been for over 15 years now from heroin.

    There was so much to his addictions and i am so thankful that we have very different personalities and ways of coping that I haven’t been down all his roads. No matter what he is loved and worth it and you can learn so much from others just like i have, he has taught me so much and doesn’t even realize it even though i have told him. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Jessy, your comment gave me goosebumps!

      Thank you for sharing your professional and family experience with addiction.

      Your brother is not only your teacher — he is mine now too.

      “I’m here” = The magic of presence. No strings attached.

      Paying it forward today. Thanks to you and your brother.

  6. I have come to expect dynamism from your articles and I’m never disappointed Dr. Andrea. Don’t stop please. I have been very caught up in writing non-fiction work for clients recently and have not been publishing much on my site, but I’m happy that you do keep in touch. Thank you so much. Blessings, peter

    1. DYNAMISM 🕺

      I hope you can feel my energy across the OCEAN because that’s what your words ignited in me as I type this at a Starbucks in Ontario, Canada.

      Currently prepping for a keynote talk for 700 front line workers in the education system on based on this article —

      Today I count this exchange as one way that I AM CULTIVATING MENTAL HEALTH DAILY 🍎

      thank you for the LIFT

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