What side of the brain do you live on?

rightleftMy stroke of insight would be: peace is only a thought away, and all we have to do to access it is silence the voice of our dominating left mind.  Jill Bolte Taylor

Have you ever wondered how your best friend lives so freely “moment-to-moment” while your mind is imprisoned by thoughts of past events and/or planning of future events (so neatly) written in your (overly structured) daytimer?

Brain Hemispheric Specialization provides insight into why some of us are more present focused and able to “go with the flow” (Right Brain dominant); while others are busy planning their days with the step-by-step precision of a NASA engineer (Left Brain dominant).

Left and Right Brain

Brain and Behaviour

Despite being identical in structure, the two halves of the brain specialize in how they process information (e.g., Past vs. Present), and how they function (e.g., Verbal vs. Nonverbal).

Processing Differences

  • Left hemisphere – processes information sequentially, one bit at a time
  • Right hemisphere – processes information globally, considering it as a whole

Functional Differences

  • Left hemisphere – includes verbal tasks, such as speaking, reading, thinking, and reasoning.
  • Right hemisphere – includes nonverbal areas such as the understanding of spatial relationships, recognition of patterns and drawings, music, and emotional expression.

To learn more about neuroscience and behaviour – Download Chapter 2 of my psychology textbook with McGraw-Hill Ryerson Higher Education.


Neuroscience in Your Life

Have you ever wondered if you were more Left or Right Brain dominant?

  1. Complete Left/Right Brain Dominance Test to find out which brain hemisphere currently dominates your life.
  • I obtained a score of 10 on this test – indicating that I am equally Left and Right Brained. Which didn’t surprise me as I often “lay the table” with outlines, organizers, etc. (Left Brain) And the moment I feel safe, grounded, and prepared, I sit back and watch the ideas fly! (Right Brain)
  • What about you? How did you score on the Left/Right Brain Dominance Test? Was it what you expected? Were the results consistent with how you live your life? Did you learn something new about yourself?

Who would you be without one of your hemispheres?  How would you cope?

2. Watch this 20 minute video to discover how Neuroscientist Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor turned her real-life tragedy into an awe inspiring “Stroke of Insight“.

10 thoughts on “What side of the brain do you live on?

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  1. Very interesting, especially liked the chart comparing left and right characteristics. Trained as an engineer and later working as a technical manager in a strong technology company, it’s safe to say I was left-brain dominant. Upon retirement I made a conscious decision to cultivate my right-brain utilization. Hence the coaching, writing, spiritual focus of my recent years. I even titled a presentation about my journey as “One Step to the Right.” Your post brought all this back to me.

  2. Stroke of Insight is one of my favorite books. Being a photographer I am regularly immersed in right brain activity. I listen for the whispers of Spirit, which can be drowned out by the loud voice of ego.

  3. I really enjoyed your detailed blog entry. Jill Bolte Taylor is a friend of mine. We spoke about our similar chance encounter with our brains not functioning correctly. Both of our experiences woke us up to a larger truth about ourselves. What I call, META awareness. I love how you refer to global awareness in the right brain. Would love to dialogue more with you about your work and share more about mine as we are both serving the world in similar ways. I believe we are on the edge of a major Renaissance of the human mind and heart ignited and evolving in an alive and awakening universe.

    – Lisa Longworth, PhD

    1. Thanks for the feedback & observations !

      It’s exactly what I love about psychology – the chance to step back and view ourselves (and the world) from a completely different perspective.

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