What’s your 2017 highlight?

“Time spent in reflection is never wasted.”


My highlight of 2017 and every year since 2003 has been teaching psychology at St. Clair College.

I am so grateful for all the incredible students I’ve had the pleasure to meet and teach.

It has been a long and bumpy road to get here. But I wouldn’t change a thing.

Every twist. Every turn. Every high. Every low. This is what makes life so darn interesting.


What was your 2017 highlight?

35 thoughts on “What’s your 2017 highlight?

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  1. I have many: joined the National Guard at 49, kept myself healthy, improved my run times, continued running through the year, and I blogged every day for the entire year! Your blog is always a highlight for my days, btw. I love reading your thoughtful and often inspirational posts! Happy New Year!

    1. Incredible highlights! So much discipline and vision in your year. The very cornerstones of health and happiness. Blogging every day too. (I see a book in your future !) Thank you also for your encouragement of my writing. Connecting with fellow bloggers like you fuels so many of my ideas. Happy 2018! 🎉

  2. Many highlights – all started by making the decision to sell our sticks and bricks home. We are choosing to live despite illness, and venturing cross country.
    All the best to you, Andrea for 2018. Keep up the good work that you do!

    1. Wishing you and your family the best on your new adventures. You inspire me every day VJ. How you rise above despite all the pain. Such a role model you are for me. And for that I will always be grateful. 🌹

  3. One highlight of 2017 was rereading my favorite psychology book, Paul Watzlawick’s “The Situation is Hopeless but not Serious” which is laugh out loud funny. I may have to make it a highlight of 2018 too. I love New Years because it’s a natural occasion for reviewing the past and setting a course for the future. I love making plans and find that imagining a goal is a wonderful way of beginning to achieve it. Hope you and your readers all have a great New Year.

    1. How awesome Aletha!

      I have a big presentation coming up on psychological resilience and will add this book to my reading preparation list.

      Lightheartedness is high on my list of what makes a Thriver.

      Sending you good vibes today & all year long!

      Andrea 💃

      1. It’s a fabulous book. It’s about “how to pursue unhappiness” and pokes fun at human nature. I would think it would be especially great for psychology students because it indirectly references a wide body of psychological research and draws on a rich cultural heritage too.

        To give a sense of it, here’s a quote he provides from Henry Fairlie from “My Favorite Sociologist,” explaining that “wives tend to get their husbands to go from one room to another by shouting,

        “What are these?” She expects the man to get up and go to see what she is talking about, and usually she is not disappointed. But one friend once struck back at his wife … When his wife returned home one day, and shouted to him in his study, “Did they come?” the husband, not knowing what she was talking about, nevertheless said, “Yes!” The wife shouted to him again. “Where did you put them?” He shouted back, “With the others.” For the first time in years of matrimony, the rest of his day at work was undisturbed.”

  4. I would absolutely love to teach psychology (sadly, the first class psych degree but no teaching or research experience means I don’t know if/how I could ever do it) – you have achieved so much, you should be very proud and as you say, it’s those ups and downs that make it all the more interesting. I think my highlight would be simply surviving first and foremost, overcoming health issues to go on my first proper holiday. Here’s to a positive, happy & healthy 2018 for you Andrea! 🙂
    Caz xx

    1. I love your spirit Caz!

      Health issues are one of life’s greatest challenges. And you continually strive to rise above them. Earning you a life experience version of a PhD in Psychology!

      You being you is the greatest teacher of all. From me and all your fellow bloggers. Teach on!


  5. I so enjoy the positive thoughts you bring into my life.

    In 2017 my highlight was helping a lot of people further their genealogy. One man found out that his relatives and my relatives that lived in Germantown Pennsylvania were neighbors and how many generation later we know each other at library where I work. It’s Amazing!

  6. Gosh! Class of 2021! I wonder how much will have changed by then. My highlight was getting engaged but also challenging myself and overcoming a fear!

    Happy New Year for the happiest of new years! 🍾🥂

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