Fear is a lie.


Don’t be fooled by fear.

Look it directly in the eye.

Fear distorts reality.

Fear exaggerates the truth.

Step back. Take a pause.

 Remember who you are.

You have overcome great adversity.

You have faced this phantom before.

The wolf is an optical illusion.

Only your strength, your courage, and your untapped superpowers are real.


How do you break free from the illusion of fear?

Understanding Fear: Identifying Cognitive Distortions
Overcoming Fear: Fixing Cognitive Distortions

37 thoughts on “Fear is a lie.

  1. “Fear is a lie.”: I agree, and it comes in different shades; anxiety,shame,guilt,regret,suspicion e.t.c. I think we have to learn to recognize it first. We cannot defeat that which we do not know. Nice post Dr. D.

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    1. Thank you for sharing Gail! These are Transcendent tools for overcoming the illusion fear.

      For me: Time outdoors, long walks, good talks, movies, running, kickboxing, teaching, and writing are some of the many ways that I break free from fear.

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  2. I NEEDED this! My book is up for the agent round for the writing competition I’m in, Pitch Wars. I started doubting myself–even wondering if I belonged in the competition. I had to push past all that and keep walking forward. It’s not easy to push past fear, but it is worth it! ❤️

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    1. I love how you always keep it REAL Ipuna.

      Naming Fears = Taming Fears

      You’ve done the work. Just ask your family & friends how often they see you typing typing typing away on your laptop. The final stage of pitching your book is to TRUST the process.

      Fear is a lie. (Imposter syndrome be gone!)
      Your completed book is REAL. (So real!)

      Pitch Wars..
      You got this!
      💃 📖 🎉

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        1. I love how you’re writing from a young male’s perspective. So many young adult books are from a female waspy demographic. So much passion and conviction. Fresh. And so intriguing. Thank you for sharing Ipuna. Grateful. 📖💙


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