What has COVID-19 awakened in you?

How is everyone doing?

How are you coping?

How has your perception of yourself and the world evolved?

How has COVID-19 transformed you?

What do you believe is the higher purpose in all of this?


I Am Waking Up

After socially distancing and working full-time from home as a psychology professor (now online), I had never felt more appreciative of the simple joys in life.

Community Resilience, Thriving, and Gratitude

A perspective on gratitude and growth I share in the following videos:

Your Turn

What has COVID-19 awakened in you?

Compare Your Answer to One Year Ago

52 thoughts on “What has COVID-19 awakened in you?

Add yours

    1. Exactly my thoughts when I read Ontario’s lockdown plan for April 1 – May 1. We’ve been here before… Time to remember lessons we’ve already learned. We might not be able to control what’s on the outside, but we can always adjust our “vision” from the inside. In this pandemic, we are students .. again.. and again.. and again.. Grateful to share life’s classroom with you VJ.

  1. What have I learned, Andrea? A lot. Mostly that how I’ve been guided for many years is spot on which is ignore man’s rules and insane measures and only to live according to Divine Organic Law. I will not allow anyone tell me how to live my life. I refuse to bend my knee to purposely perpetrated fear and evil. I will only bend my knee to God and God only. It took me only a few weeks to figure out what is what last year and from there, I tuned out the lies and agendas the world is shouting to control the many with the method of fear. I fear no-thing.

    This past year has made me so strong in my knowing of who I am and how to live. No one will intimidate me nor will I allow anyone to push me into doing anything I know will harm me. I am of light, I am of love, and as I go about my day now, I am firm in understanding that in order to rise above fear, one must know love and self. I know both.

    In conclusion, this past year has only made me stronger and brought my convictions of truth to the surface. I am who I am. I have done so much Inner Work to gain a place where my connection with the Divine is so tangible I can actually feel New Earth coming in. I could write books on how I’ve changed.

    1. You are so welcome Brad! So much joy in the sun rising. A new month. Fresh air. Hot coffee. The ability to type this post. A long deep breath. And a blogging connection like ours. May we both continue to WAKE UP each day, remembering what matters most. 🌷🐰

    1. Yes! We are Still Alive. Not everyone woke up today.. One more reason to appreciate each day, like never before. This ^ is what keeps me going. Focusing each moment in the midst of adversity. This is the essence of stress resilience and positive psychology.

  2. What a wonderful reminder of what we’ve been through–and there IS light at the end of the tunnel! I know I’ve been awakened to what’s really important, what matters most, and they all have faces. People. There’s been so much disruption and sadness and depression–but there have also been amazing acts of kindness and hope that shine like beacons in this dark light. Very timely reposting of this–maybe more so now just because we’ve lived a year with what we never thought we’d have to do.

    1. I’ve been awakened to what’s really important, what matters most, and they all have faces. People.

      Thank you for this beautiful FULL CIRCLE reminder of what matters most in difficult times – Each Other 💖

  3. Who understands it better than you Dr Andrea. And I do like expressing my experiential learning on your blogs ….aim is to gain from you and all the people who follow you…in a few months I will be taking retirement from my full time job and maybe then devote more time here and on giving my services to those who may require it..
    Stay blessed 🙏😇

  4. Pandemic has been a real eye opener…we required something to push us out of our ‘ taking things for granted’ attiude. Nothing is guaranteed or assured…we can only thrive as a community…each one willingly being there for the other when the need arise….
    Stay blessed 🙏🌹

    1. Thank you for taking the time to share Krish. Your reflections always motivate me to dig deeper into my own techniques and strategies.

      “Thrive as a Community” is something the pandemic has certainly taught me. I am an independent, driven person who has always pushed ahead on my own. That’s how I got things done!

      Plus my career as psychology professor, author, and former school psychologist — is a solitary one (except for my students and clients), I can function very successfully on my own.

      BUT in COVID-19, in order to stay resilient, I have needed to reach out to community in more ways than one. A silver lining of learning how to receive what I give.

      1. Good evening from India Dr Andrea

        Even I love to stay as much independent as possible but then people around as matter …more so in my case where my basic role last many years has been management of Human resource…. my decisions affect a few thousands….

        Yes I prefer to take independent decisions and take responsibility for all my actions… But I can never forget the people who for whom the decisions are made…I make all efforts to empower them with capability to make their own decisions at their level… I do not like to please people but I do make efforts to interact as much with them and keep them comfortable and satisfied..

        Stay blessed 🙏😇

        1. It sounds like you have a big job!

          The balance between community and individuality is critical. Codependence versus Interdependence versus Independence. Something you have articulated very well.

          Similar to your work — my community work, in and out of the classroom is a continual balance between public opinion and inner knowing based on years of psychology education and life experience.

          Trust Yourself and Your Decisions — and then seek outer support when needed.

          Thank you for taking the time to comment here and on my videos!

          THIS IS COMMUNITY 🌎 📖💙 🇮🇳 🇨🇦

  5. When I start feeling sorry for myself, I think about those not with us anymore and how they’d likely give anything to be back here ‘dealing’ with it all.

    It’s not always easy, but just being and trying to live in the present has helped me. Of course, coffee, writing, baking and exercise (yoga, outside walks and physio) have kept me going…

    1. Thank you for sharing your experiences Sue.

      A roller coaster of a year for all of us. It’s not always easy. . but we can choose to make this time more meaningful.

      Coffee, Writing, Baking, Yoga, Walks, and Physio = Heightened health and happiness quotient for years to come.

      Time Will Pass No Matter What. The Choice of How to Fill it Is Up to Us.

      1. It is so true about the passage of time…. it keeps rolling on by and though cliche, we need to make the most of it or we will wake up from this all a couple of years older and none the wiser.

        The part that really saddens me most is not being able to see my elderly parents who need us kids the most now. Same with many families I’m sure. It’s time that you cannot get back and it’s scary.

        1. Similar experience for me. The upside = I’ve never had such great conversations with my parents by phone. Deeper, longer, more interesting conversations. I can’t help but focus on the good parts. If only one percent of COVID Sue. Grateful that my parents are still alive.

  6. Hi Doctor Dinardo. We need more messages like your video! There is, in my opinion, so much garbage on newsfeeds regarding Covid, resulting in those who are struggling with the enormous effects of the pandemic, having additionally to bear paltry news.
    For me personally, I cannot say I am unaffected by the restrictiveness of our lockdown, but have accepted what I am not able to change. I work from home anyway and my writing nook has a view, overlooking the beautiful estate garden and wild duckpond; we are coming into an Irish spring, so life is pleasant for me. Having said this, throughout this time of lockdown, I have steered far away from fear, I accept the changes I am faced with and adapt accordingly, because at the end, I am the Captain of my ship and my decision (regarding myself) must be final. Bless you and keep up your encouraging blogs.

    1. I appreciate you taking the time to read, watch, reflect, and comment! I am lifted up by your response.

      Teaching Self-Determination and Locus of Control in the Midst of Adversity gives me life! Literally ^

      Summarized in Your Statement “I am the Captain of My Ship” and all that you have shared underscoring this empowering philosophy.

      When we can’t change what’s on the outside, the only answer is to go deep inside. Into the moment especially.

      I am grateful for your words and imagery. Your view (and viewpoint) is magic. I feel your blessings all that way to Canada. Thank you Peter 🌎 📖💙

  7. It awakened fears I never explored before, specifically the fear of losing loved ones, thankfully I was able to face those fears and become stronger.

    It also awakened a greater level of gratitude for my health.

    1. Thank you for sharing.

      We all face a pandemic at one point in our lives. Personal and specific to our own experiences. This is why psychology was invented. To help people through those difficult times.

      And I never thought in a million years that the day would come that my work in psychological resilience would be applicable to the entire world — at the same time.

      Because similar to you, COVID has awakened so many fears — and equally awakened so many strengths. We cannot have one without the other. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Underscoring my own.

  8. The pandemic, lock down, shut downs and all of it really awakened me to how much I was still over doing it and not pacing myself with my brain injury. It has shown me how much I still needed to slow down and I am thankful for that.

    Is where you are at not having access to vaccines or what’s happening to make another lock down?

    1. I live in Canada and unfortunately we have no facilities to make vaccines and thus, only a small proportion of the population has received the vaccination so far.

      There is also a disproportionate number of variants in our country right now.

      Which is why, as VJ wrote (first comment on this post) about our April to May lockdown, for everybody.

      Washington Post article here —


      1. Thanks for the info. I will definitely read the article and sorry you all are not having equal access.

        1. I am hopeful that in the end, it will all work out. It’s what keeps me going! Especially on a Monday morning as I prepare over 200 online psychology students for final 3 weeks of the semester. COVID is temporary. The life lessons will last a lifetime. Wishing you a wonderful week Jessy! Grateful for your uplifting blog. ☀️

          1. I hope you have a great end of the semester and thanks for the insight you bring and the awareness about how unequal the Covid vaccinations are.

    1. I love this Jessy! As a psychologist, I was trained to help people access the unconscious parts of themselves. (I practiced from 1998-2016, and then retired as a psychologist to focus exclusively on psychology writing, teaching, and speaking – hence my blog) Which is why your answer is especially compelling!

  9. Throughout this covid-19 situation I learned that we need to really have to not lose the sight of the important things in our lives, such as family, loved ones, our mental, physical and spiritual well being. We got so stuck in the daily routines without taking time to breathe.

    1. So true about getting stuck in our daily routines Syl! On collective autopilot. Assuming that tomorrow was guaranteed.

      Thank you for sharing your pandemic awakening. A lesson in love and health that I share with you!

  10. Lovely post Andrea and good to see you getting out running.
    Although I live in a small market town I am blessed with access to a nearby country park and also a children’s recreation ground.
    My country park visits have helped ground me really since mum died r.I.p in 2015 and continue to do so.
    I love taking photos of the changing seasons.
    I look forward now to meeting friends from 12th April to sit outside in the park’s cafe and to sit inside from May 17th as Covid restrictions are restricted.
    This period has made me realise how much my friendships have sustained me as has really been the case since the year dot.
    Take care ❤️👍🙂

    1. Smiling with every word I read of yours Margaret. I can sense your journey through the streets and country parks where you live. When we have nowhere to go but “in the here and now” — we rediscover the magic that lived within and around us. All along. A lesson in life that will sustain us for years to come! Pain is Real. And so is HOPE ☀️

  11. For me, I sought out a meditation group on zoom, a big leaning into it for an old guy set in his ways of practicing in solitude.

    I discovered quite by accident a new way of meditating and found a younger teacher who is special.

    I found a group who was organically supportive and kind. It is a space that is unfamiliar for me.

    With all the divisiveness in America it is a pleasant retreat.

    Who knew that a virus could be so political divisive

    I need a break from all the hate and violence we all witness these days

    1. That is incredible Marty!

      From division to connection. And I bet it was no accident that you discovered this teacher. She needed your wisdom and experience as much as you needed her support and fresh take on life.

      Thank you for sharing your pandemic awakening. It is my “note to self” to stay open to unexpected synchronistic experience – All – April – Long ☔️ ☀️ 🌷

  12. Wow

    I actually arrived at that zoom group with some arrogance

    Being taught at a Zen center
    We were taught guided meditation or other forms were similar to having training wheels on a bike

    It took a while for me to recognize what I had stumbled into

    Took a while before my intuition recognized how special this younger teacher was

    My ego desired to lead people like I run my blog

    Took me a while to see his dysfunction and realize my arrogance

    This old dog had to adapt

    1. I can relate one hundred percent! Our Ego is Harsh. Our Spirit is Soft, Flexible, Open, and Adaptable. I really appreciate this share Marty. A daily and necessary wake up call to the subtle power of spirit. In all of us.

  13. Such an important question Andrea.

    Much like you I’ve become so much more appreciative of my community and when I’m out walking the connections are so much stronger.

    Smiles, greetings, more spontaneous conversations … these are all things I seek out daily and they’ve transformed my life. Truly, there’s a lot to be grateful for.

    I also question the narrative much more than I used to instead of blindly believing. And I’ve completely turned the mainstream news off. It’s what drives the fear and I’ll have no part of it.

    I’d prefer to live in your “penthouse of faith”. Loved that!

    Keep thriving my friend. 🙏💙

    1. Your comment made my day Miriam! ☀️ 🙏

      Thank you so much for reading and watching the accompanying videos.

      Re-starting the final 3 weeks of our winter semester in a full month lockdown instantly drained my motivation this weekend

      — which can be tough when I AM MEANT TO BE THE MOTIVATOR FOR MY STUDENTS. ..

      However, since I will always be a student a heart, I leaned in once again for the life lesson in our latest province wide (Ontario, Canada) lockdown. Which began again on Saturday for 28 days. (I know you can relate)

      Now I am taking a few days to breathe and receive from my extended community.

      Including my Australian Friends!

      Moving from the basement of our fears to the PENTHOUSE of our FAITH.

      Together (Again) and Again and Again. xo

      1. Thinking of you Andrea and sending lots of good vibes, optimism and hope your way. This madness WILL end and we’re all going to emerge from this stronger than we ever were before. I do understand what you’re going through.

        Keep the faith my friend. I’ll see you in the penthouse! xx

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