Curing the disease to please. One no at a time.

“You can be a good person with a kind heart and still say no.”


The Beauty of NO.

When you learn to say no to something you no longer want to do, to people you no longer want to spend time with, to projects you no longer have time for, your world does not get smaller.

Your World Gets BIGGER.

Each time you have the strength to say no to takers who drain your time, your energy, your resources, your patience – you create more space for each authentic, heartfelt, luminescent, unconditional, absolute YES!


More Room for YES.

Each time you have the courage to say no to people pleasing – you create more time (for the people, projects, and places that truly matter), more truth (about who you really are, and what you really want to do), more opportunities (to make a meaningful difference in this world), more freedom (to follow your dreams, your destiny, your calling), and ultimately, more genuine happiness to share with this great big, beautiful world.


This is your world. This is your life. This is your time to shine!

15 thoughts on “Curing the disease to please. One no at a time.

  1. I practice curing myself of the “pleasing disease” every day! I work on being kind and respectful while still making decisions that honor myself and my priorities. So important, and very challenging at times. Worth it!

    1. Amen Jenna! Hard work. Painful at times. Especially for a sensitive heart. But in the end – so worth it. The people in your life who respect you, will always respect your no. The pushers will eventually move on, leaving more time, more space, and more room for unconditional love.💖

    1. Amen Bernadette! There is no better feeling than “the other side” of no. Getting there can be excruciating, especially for the “caregiver or rescuer” archetype. Yet the rewards & lessons are so immense. 1) Self-reliance for the takers. 2) Freedom for the givers. 3) Empowerment for both. Win-Win!

    1. Mine too Brigid! Life (long) lesson indeed. Giving ultimately has to be an inside job – only then will we have the stamina & energy to give to others. The ones that love us unconditionally understand. The rest can find another people pleaser. 😉

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