Nature soothes my soul.


This photo was taken on one of my daily hikes up Blue Heron Hill.

One of my favourite places to go at the end of a long wintery day.

Each breath. Each step. Shifts me higher.

To a place of perfect peace. At one with the great big beautiful sky.

A divine connection. No words necessary. Heaven on earth indeed.

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Where do you go to calm your mind and soothe your soul?

32 thoughts on “Nature soothes my soul.

  1. I enjoy flying RC aircraft. I fly electric planes, and they fly with very little sound. I find it relaxing and soothing to take a plane up and fly lazy circuits. I don’t care for crazy aerobatics or stunts: the perfect flight is a nice and steady circuit followed by a flawless landing. That, to me, is bliss.

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    1. Thank you for sharing! I can see why you go to the sea to relax and be free. Especially since your blog is such a beautiful ode to water. Water has always held a precious place in my heart too. My mom often shares how I swam before I walked. (At nine months of age.) Synchronistically, I dream of water more often than anything else. (Water symbolizes emotions in dreams.) Water is ultimately who we are. (65-70% of the human body is H2O.) So it’s no wonder that you go to the sea to just be. (I love your play on words.) 💙🌊


  2. You said it, Andrea. I love this phrase, “Heaven on earth.” I really got a sense of it from your writing. Thank you for that. ❤

    I do a few things. First, I meditate as a way to tune into my heart. Also, I take deep breaths (really helps to calm me down). Also, there's a gorgeous peace ranch in Santa Barbara called, Windermere. It's such a place of peace, with nature, animals and a presence of calm for me.

    Thanks for another great post. Participating helped to tune me into my calm, at a time when I could really use it. Love, Debbie

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    1. How can anything so wonderful be cliché!? (Spoken naïvely by a non-Floridian.) You are so blessed to live in such a beautiful place. If I lived in Florida I’d be doing the exact same thing. I especially love how you made it your own personal challenge to explore a different beach every week. The best therapy!

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