Finding the light.

How do you start the day?

Do your morning routines lighten you up?

Or bring you down?


Early morning rituals spark the divine in me.

No matter the day. No matter the moment.

Angel cards, hot coffee, and mindfulness take me there.

Fueling my creativity. Illuminating my path. Shifting me higher.

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Early morning rituals call forth the peace in me.

No matter the day. No matter the moment.

Angel cards, hot coffee, and mindfulness take me there.

In this sacred space I breathe in deep, let go, and freely release…


Early morning rituals affirm the courage in me.

For I have finally found the light in me.

Ready to share ☀️ with all that I meet.


Reflection Questions

How do you rediscover the light inside? What morning rituals shift you to a higher place?


25 thoughts on “Finding the light.

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  1. Now that I’m retired, mornings consist of a cup of coffee, a small bowl of fresh fruit, quiet conversation with my significant other, sometimes a walk, sometimes a meditation outside on the deck. Morning is my favorite time of day. Back when I worked, I usually watched the sun come up and wrote after my meditation. So, retirement and a new man in my life have altered things somewhat, but still, it’s a wonderful time of day. Every morning makes me grateful.

    Have a wonderful day!!

    1. What a beautiful practice. Every part of your comment makes me smile! Especially the surprise of a new love in your life. Something I experienced too (17 years ago.. ). Together we have elevated our morning routine. We think of it more as a morning “date” with incense, spa music, and an angel card or two. 😇 😇

      Wishing you a wonderful day too!

    2. I used to be a night person, but age has turned me more into a morning person for sure (I would never admit that to my dad, though, who always used to argue that mornings were better and more productive.). I, too, really enjoy my cup of coffee which is always accompanied by a my favourite fruit of all, a banana! For some reason, peeling its yellow fronds just makes my tummy smile:-). One of the other things that helps me start the day off right is laying things out for myself the night before, so that I don’t have to think too much in the morning. It makes for a smooth, easy start!

  2. I trained myself to jump up out of bed when my alarm goes off. No snoozing, no laying back down, no whining about the early hour. I say or think, “Thank you for this day”. I look in the mirror, smile and say, “I love you.” Then I dance into the kitchen and put the tea kettle on.

    1. So cool Brigid!
      I have many angel decks from Hay House authors. This one is brand new and I really like it! The artwork is particularly nice.

      Love your rituals too
      ☀️ ☕️ 😇

  3. You are such a beautiful light, Andrea. I use Angel cards as well ….. and other means that enable me to delve into myself to deposit chunks of golden encouragement. I like to use the Angel cards and other means sitting in bed just before I go to sleep. And then I continue the next day thinking about that Angel card and how I can apply the message to my life.

  4. Every morning when I step out the door, I speak aloud a greeting to my dearest departed friend, my faithful canine companion of over 15 years.
    It is a warm moment of remembrance, our bond as strong- or stronger- since parting.
    As Chuy says, “The Circle must close. It is true for us all. It is simply so.”
    This reminds me that every moment of every wonderous day is a gift to be opened and shared with the world. That even after passing, the meaningful things in our earthbound life can remain meaningful.
    It is not my inner light that illuminates my path.
    It is the light I see in each and every individual and creature on this planet.
    It is bright as the sun.

    May peace find you always,


    1. “It is not my inner light that illuminates my path.
      It is the light I see in each and every individual and creature on this planet.
      It is bright as the sun.”

      Thank you for sharing Paz.
      What a beautiful ode to your companion.
      Your life & your words are poetry.
      Wishing you peace & more.

  5. Dr. D!!! I’m always amazed by our similarities. I hate to get all woo-woo, but it’s like we’re living parallel lives in some ways. Anywho, my sister recently gifted me with a deck of tarot cards. They’re all mythological women. She and I pull a card every day so we can familiarize ourselves with the deck. It’s been a really helpful way to center on what I’m thinking/intuiting/feeling for the day or week.

    Just in case you couldn’t tell, I’m really surprised by this commonality lol

    1. Absolutely amazing Dr. G!! I have goosebumps reading this. On all the parallel & woo-woo levels!

      (My mom and I also pull cards like you and your sister. It’s such a fun and easy way to ascend the every day.)

      Sending you an extra dose of light.
      Today & All Days
      My Florida twin & Inspiration

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