Don’t let people talk you out of your happiness.


I love you just the way you are.

If you are lucky enough to find joy in the course of a day.. keep it to yourself..

At least until you find the courage to radiate, illuminate, and enjoy your life.

No matter how. No matter when.

Skip through the streets. Watch netflix on repeat. Eat kraft dinner. Swing in the park. Start a blog!

Whatever it is that makes you smile, makes you giggle, makes you dance in the streets.

Whatever it is that makes you levitate, makes you beam, makes your heart skip a beat.

Don’t let people talk you out of your happiness.

The world needs your joy. The universe needs your light.

It is time to silence the happiness critics in your life.

At least in your mind. Forever in your heart.

We all need your unique, quirky brand of happiness.

Now. More than ever. Be brave. Stand tall.

I love you just the way you are.

Shine on beautiful one. Shine on!💫



16 thoughts on “Don’t let people talk you out of your happiness.

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  1. This post is so meaningful! So many people need to hear this message. We live in a culture where being happy is going against the grain. Putting up with unhappiness day in and day out is seen as morally strong, for whatever reason. Time to change that! Really glad you made this into a post so more people could see it Dr. Dinardo!

  2. This is great. I agree 100%. When I finally decided to follow my true passion by seriously pursuing my writing, I had a lot of hesiation in sharing. Once I was more confident, I began sharing with those I knew would be supportive. I have received some negativity and backlash from people, but I’m passed caring, because my happiness matters more to me than anyone’s opinion, and writing makes me happy!

    1. Amen to that! Happiness is your highest calling. Their will always be doubters & haters. But ultimately their doubt is about them not you. And trust me when I write – the only thing you’ll ever get from me is positivity & encouragement. (I bet the same for you.) It’s just how we roll… 🙂

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