What would you do if you had no fear?


Run toward not away from the things that scare you the most. You’ll be surprised at how small they appear close up.

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  1. Reblogged this on P3: Pain – Passion – Purpose and commented:

    I am sharing this post because I personally know it to be true. Everything I have feared from a distance in the past began to change for me when I got up close and personal.

    My biggest fear was of snakes.

    When I had to save one from being tortured by my students one day, that all changed. I saw it as a living creature that needed my help; irregardless of my fear.

    This was a liberating experience.

      1. Thank you Dr. Dinardo! I love all that you have done and are doing to contribute to the youth in our society. As a teacher, I have a deep respect for your field of work. Peace and blessings!

  2. God Andrea, I love this. Perfect timing for me. I’m aware that with forgiveness, it’s super important to face what’s concerning me head on … to accept and love it best I can … and to forgive judgments, sometimes simply through a hug.

    If you want to, this is a great contribution for Forgiving Fridays. It’s a new thing on my blog where I invite folks to blog about forgiveness – or what inspires them to forgive – at some point during the week. To me, I was inspired to really want to forgive by your post! Anyway, you can check out my blog post from Friday if you’d like to do it. Either way, know that I am so blessed by you (how did we find each other, anyway?!)
    Blessings, Debbie

  3. Fear is what held me back from stretching toward what I wanted deep down inside. Finally I got tired of being afraid, of living my life in fear and I began calling fear my friend. My friend in that fear signaled a major step in growth if I had the courage to go forward. Even at my age now, when I remember what fear signals to me I grow.

  4. There is a quote (I want to say by Mark Twain?) that goes ‘Eat the frog’ – i.e. get the thing you are most dreading over with first.

    I try and do that every day at work and I am always surprised that it is less scary or fraught than I think it will be.

    YOU create fear, it is not an outside force that comes to greet us. If we make it we can get rid of it too.

    Love this post!

  5. The one thing I learned as a Law Enforcement Officer is that fine balancing act of walking on that grey line of fear. Although I am retired now I find that this has helped me out in so many situations where I simply approach a problem with careful thought and an aggressive attitude to solve the problem as quickly and intelligently as possible.

  6. As a survivor of an abusive childhood, fear is something that is a way of life from a very early age. But it can be overcome! Realizing that we have the power to seize control of our lives from our abusers and their supporters propels healing forward, quashes fear and empowers every aspect of our life.

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