Purpose for one day


I have the pleasure of starting each day with my husband John.

Each morning begins at 6am with an hour of coffee talk weekends included.

No alarm clock necessary. 

Having something as wonderful as hot coffee and good conversation to look forward to each day is its own wake up call.

This morning I asked John to share why he thought he was born.

Deep talk, I know.

But that’s just how life rolls when you’re married to a psychologist.

John’s answer: “To make one person’s life better that day.”

To which I replied: “Purpose achieved.” (He makes the best coffee!)


This conversation got me thinking about how important it is to live our purpose in short 24 hour segments. Too long a timeline and we feel lost and overwhelmed.

Name the purpose. Claim the day. Leave the details up to the universe.

Who. What. Where. When. How. Are spontaneous.

Simply be on the lookout for one opportunity to be on purpose for one day.


1 person. 1 purpose. 1 day.

54 thoughts on “Purpose for one day

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    1. Yes! Focusing one day at a time enhances “right here” purpose and minimize “out there” pressure. (The more unexpected the purpose the better.) Help just to help. Encourage just to encourage. Whatever each moment needs. Be that. 🍃💚

  1. Wonderful post. Thankfully, your morning routine is similar to that of my wife and I. What a treasure to have that each day. I love your purpose chart, That’s a great pictorial of the complexities surrounding purpose. This has to be one of your great posts. I’ll come back to it several times over the next couple of days.
    Thanks for all you contribute.

    1. Thank you! Simple is always the way to go! Which is what you do so magically with your children each night. In your own words ~> tell me all the GOOD STUFF that happened today GO ! My heart melts just thinking about how lucky your family is to have you as their leader. 😊😘

    1. Amen Brad! I relate! A thought pattern that we all fight against each time we get transfixed by our “head space” instead of our “heart space”. That stinking thinking when we believe that our mission is in our past (old relationships, retired jobs) or in our future (what if, what then) instead of trusting where our purpose actually lives. Right here, right now. (Including writing this note.) A place where nebulous is replaced with simple, unexpected meaning / focus / joy.🌹

  2. Great post! Illness has taught that to accomplish one thing per day is to live with purpose. So many think they need a grand mission and yet, it is the small things, like making someone’s day, that matter.

    1. Thank you for sharing your own personal experience of living on purpose – one thing per day. Always striving to rise above your health challenges VJ. Always inspiring me. Creating everywhere you go.🌹♥️

  3. Awesome post! While my husband and I don’t have coffee talk in the morning (I can’t seem to wake up in time 😅), we have shower / dinner / couch / pillow talk in the evening; that way we can talk about our day. 😀

  4. Wonderful post, how I love this. Purpose for one day, not looking too far ahead, simplicity and meaning in the moment. Just beautiful. Thank you Andrea. 💖☕️

  5. Great post! I know I and perhaps others get caught up in what we hope is the bigness of our purpose, when sometimes all I need to be is that one smile or kind word which makes another’s day. Thanks for posting!

  6. What a fabulous way to start your day. We’re often in so much of a rush that we forget to make time for those meaningful conversations (when I say we I mean me.. great reminder) – thanks x

    It made me laugh though because when I first starting living with Bryan (gosh frighteningly over 35 years ago, we used to drive into the City together in the morning. I’m a morning person and would chat away – much to his disgust! He definitely isn’t a morning person. After many tiffs about his grumpiness, I learned that maybe I was better saving the conversation until the journey home! haha..

    1. Thank you for sharing your own personal experience Wendy! Which I also shared with my husband John. We often comment how both of us being morning people is what makes early morning coffee talk possible. And your story underscores that fact! I love how you eventually made it work for both of you with after work “drive talk”. The best! 🚗♥️

      1. Aww – thanks Andrea! Yes sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error when you first live with someone to get the ‘timings’ right.. worth the perseverance though xx

  7. This is indeed a wonderful way to start any day.. And So loved your post.. May we continue creating purpose in all whom we meet and greet.. One day, one person at a time.. Excellent!

  8. Love this Andrea…so agree. Purpose is better off taken in small bites in the present where it can be focused and appreciated more (by self). You are so fortunate to have a special person you can have great conversation with. We all need that.

    1. Smiling as I read your comment Tracy. Feeling blessed to share ideas with bloggers like you & with a husband who has a propensity for soulful conversation. Community gives wings to our words. Grateful for it all.

  9. Really psychological and factual. Why were you born? This got me thinking and I wish we realise such precious answer and work towards living it out daily. The world will be happier…

    1. It’s always so rewarding to hear that my post (and yours) appear at the perfect (divinely ordered) time for our readers. And it’s no wonder the message resonates. We speak the same language of sharing kindness wherever we go. The name of your blog says it all! Which is why it’s so important to keep our purpose simple and do-able. Or we’ll burnout. Sometimes a simple smile or a note to a fellow blogger (thank you:) is purpose enough. 🙌🙌

      1. Cool. It is good to have an actual exchange. I often think of discontinuing this blog, but I don’t because the Spirit doesn’t quit. Writing is like breathing for me (reference to your latest post) and sometimes I really need to take a deep breath.

  10. I could probably spend the entire day reading your wonderful blog. But that would be a little unproductive. Love your blog. x

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