Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: 5 Steps to Thriving

Thriving Steps based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Step 1

 Physiological Needs

– Energy of Thriving

  • A good night’s sleep.
  • Healthy food.
  • Clean air to breathe.

Step 2

 Safety Needs 

– Foundation of Thriving

  • Freedom.
  • Survival Skills.
  • Safe place to live.

Step 3

Love and Belonging Needs

– Nourishment of Thriving 

  • Supportive relationships.
  • Loving family and friends.
  • Encouraging coworkers.

Step 4

Self Esteem Needs

– Enrichment of Thriving

  • Education and learning.
  • Goals and ambition.
  • Stretching outside comfort zone.

Step 5

Self Actualization Needs

– Ultimate Thriving 

  • Purpose and Vision.
  • Achievement of Life Mission.
  • Self Actualization of Dreams.
Click Here to Maslow's Hierarchy Video

23 thoughts on “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: 5 Steps to Thriving

      1. Well I’m late on this comment, so I will refer to today. I am focusing on self actualization. I have a solid view for the most part, of my purpose and I am working towards my goals and dreams. But, like in the past, I am distracted by things daily, and have to remind myself of what it is I am trying to accomplish. It can be hard. I am the person that others come to for insight, and have to remind myself to take my own advice, and not underestimate my value. It’s definitely a process.

  1. I love this info graphic. It occurs to me that in places where people do not have the privilege of freedom that more developed countries enjoy, how can they ever self actualize? I also wonder about “reproduction” as a physiological need, and wonder if “control of one’s reproduction” may be a better description? For someone like me, who has never wanted to have children, the freedom NOT to reproduce has been critical to my own self actualization.

  2. I enjoyed your vlog Andrea, and I’m looking forward to more interesting theories explained in simple accessible English! I look forward to sharing this with my students next week. Thank you. X

      1. You are so welcome Andrea! I believe positive and constructive feedback are so important for motivation and development and I’m glad that taking a few moments to respond to your vlog post could be so helpful to you! Xx

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  4. This is such an important topic, and it hasn’t had nearly enough attention in popular media. Thank you for recording this – I have taken the liberty of sharing it to my Resilience site in the Wellbeing category 😀

    Please keep vlogging!


    1. Thank you for sharing with your readers Dr. Kerri! I’m already thinking about the next psychological theory I am going to deconstruct via VLOGGING — your encouragement helps get me there! 🎥 🖤

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