Positive psychology is my passion

 Positive Psychology is My Passion

I love everything about positive psychology. The research, the content, the discoveries, the real-life stories, and most importantly, the promise of a better life.

The opportunity to write psychology textbooks for McGraw-Hill Ryerson and share my enthusiasm for psychology is a childhood dream come true!


What’s Your Passion?

What Moves You? Motivates You? Inspires You?

How do you share your passion with the world?

14 thoughts on “Positive psychology is my passion

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  1. That is an amazing opportunity – think of how many young lives you touch! I am passionate about teaching, and now that I am mostly homebound and not able to teach – writing!

  2. Psychology amazes me. Although I am not at a level understanding the human mind I have certainly had my share of learning about certain behaviors while working over 20 years in State Corrections. I have incredible respect for your passion as I have seen many who work in the field do some pretty amazing things. 🙂

    1. Me too! Thanks for sharing! 😊

      I was inspired at a young age to study psychology as my mom is a psychologist too. We had the good fortune of working together for a few years before she retired.

      And thus today, I celebrate both psychology and my Mom!

      Happy (Psychology) Mother’s Day! 💛🌟💫

  3. This is a beautiful blog, and it is so my experience, Andrea. I am currently working p/t for a spiritual org whose focus is love and knowing ourselves as that love. I am also so passionate about forgiveness, and I’m just taking my next steps to see if / how / when this can show itself in a career for me too. Many blessings to you, and I love your textbook! ❤

  4. How wonderful for you! I love psychology too both because I am interested in it and because it has helped me immensely. I hope to one day qualify as an art therapist. For now I am helping people with CBC and really enjoying the experience!

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