The Sweet Spot.

Nowhere else to be.

That moment in the day when you realize “you’ve arrived”.

And the most interesting part is that you haven’t gone anywhere.

Instead, you finally come home to the present moment.

The here and now. The sweet spot.

No where else to be. But here and now.


Right Here. Right Now.

This picture is from a retreat I did with one of my best friends nine years ago. The speaker asked each participant to share when they felt most at peace.

Each participant shared a different story. From when their newborn baby finally slept through the night to when they finally received their promotion at work to when their boyfriend finally proposed.

My answer was (unexpectedly) simple. I shared that I felt most at peace in that very moment. “No were else to be. But here and now.”

Wide Awake to Everything.

I had finally found my sweet spot. A place where “all is well” no matter the circumstances. A place I had been before. But failed to recognize.

A place positive psychologists call flow, and alternatively, mindfulness. A sweet spot that sparkles. Lights up. Expands. Stands still. Speeds up. And flows..

Running. Teaching. Encouraging. Writing. Laughing. Helping.

A sweetness I now easily recognize in the course of each day. That moment when I am wide awake to everything. To every sight. To every sound.

No judgements. No resistance. Simply accepting what is. And what will be.

IMG_1813 How do you know when you’ve finally “arrived” to the present moment? What does your “sweet spot” look & feel like?

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  1. Thought provoking. My sweet spot is the times I can be at peace with glad acceptance of everything within and around me. The times when my head hits the pillow and sleep comes immediately without any thoughts replacing it.

  2. Wow, Andrea! How did you know that I needed that? I love the photo of you – I see the Light shining from your eyes, what a beautiful presence.

    For me, that sweet spot comes in when I smile at someone …. in general, when I’m kind …. when I get altitude (i.e., see the good everywhere v. worry, neg. thoughts, etc) … often when I’m running …. and when I meditate. Thanks for asking, and many, many blessings your way. ❤

    1. I feel like I’m right there in the flow with you Debbie! Running. Positivity. And Smiling. Three of my favourite pathways to the present (sweet spot) moment. Thank you for sharing & for your kindness. 💛💫

  3. Buddhist would say we have always arrived..

    right here, right now.

    There is nothing else but this moment.

    It is our goal to realize and live in this sweet spot.

    1. Excellent point Marty. I totally agree. Thanks for sharing. As Buddha said: “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” 🌿🍃

  4. A great reminder of a brilliant way to live life i.e. not regretting the past, not worrying about the future and enjoying this very moment. I’ve had some recent reminders about how precious life is and can change in an instant. It’s something I’d started to forget as I was so wrapped up in working longer and longer hours that I was being drawn away from all that is truly important – I’ve woken up – thanks goodness! x

    1. Thank you for sharing Wendy. I can so relate. You bring up such a critical aspect of finding / re-discovering “our sweet spot”. Often, we don’t arrive home “to the present moment” until challenging circumstances shine a light on what truly matters. This sweet (present) moment. 💛💫

  5. Lovely article!

    My own latest sweet spot was at the weekend sitting in the garden with a book with the birds singing, the breeze gently moving the Japanese maple next to me and the sun warming my toes (the rest of me in the shade haha). I cloud watched for a while and allowed myself to just be. It was a perfect moment.

    1. Sweet spot indeed! I feel like there with you!

      Nature provides instantaneous access to the present moment. Always beckoning. Always inviting us in.

      Just one glance at the majestic blue spruce outside my office window and my thoughts stop and are replaced by the infinite possibilities of a clear blue sky.

      Thank you for sharing! Nature is the sweetest spot of all.🌲🌿

  6. Nice article and a beautiful reminder to live life fully by not regretting the past, feeling only this moment, and not worrying about the future.

  7. My sweet spot is at the closing of the day I go through every detail those that seemed fleeting such as the cleaner who cleans the street i acknowledge him then and now with thank you. I enjoy doing this it keeps me humble and in the attitude of being ever grateful for every miniscule thing…

  8. Hello Dr Dinardo,
    Thank you for referring me to this post of yours. You are right, I did enjoy it.
    The sweet spot is such a lovely title for the present moment where we are fully focused on what we are doing. For me, to answer your question, when time just melts away and hours go past within what seems like seconds…
    Another wonderful post, thank you.
    Di 💕🌹

  9. When I look around me, which is often, and pause and just love all I have already in my life, including the easy and not so easy. Lovely post Andrea. Thanks for sharing.

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