Give yourself a break.


I work hard. Too hard sometimes. And I bet you do too. On one hand, that’s spectacular. You wouldn’t be where you are without steadfastness and sacrifice. On the other hand, having a singular focus on work ultimately shortchanges your potential.

Rest is part of the equation.

Rest is critical for success. At life and work. We must pace ourselves on the long road to abundance. Give our mind, bodies, and spirits a chance to restore themselves. A moment to mend. A chance to recover.

The sweetest rewards are earned.

We must reward ourselves in small ways (and in big ways too). After the work is done. In between exams. After a semester of late night study sessions. Once all the exams are marked and final grades handed in.

You decide when. You decide where. You decide how.
Healthy Mama is one of my favourite places to chillax. 💚

Where do you go to rest & recharge?

4 thoughts on “Give yourself a break.

  1. I agree. I also have to make sure I’m resting or else I will not do as well studying. If I try to study with little sleep, then I am useless. I feel so well rested after sleeping in my bed too.

    I also like to recharge by being with family — cooking together & watching movies. Taking a little break from studies helps me get back to it with much more energy!

    Also, after stepping away completely from school work for a little while it actually makes me miss it and want to go study again, towards the end of the break :))

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