New day. Fresh start.

Begin your day with extra love & tender care. As how we start our day becomes how we live our lives.


What daily habits & routines uplift you & shift you each morning?💫

15 thoughts on “New day. Fresh start.

Add yours

  1. Simple & very powerful! I think for me that getting up and getting some fresh air, then showering, freshening myself up, using nice scents, and then writing a to-do list can really make me feel better by throwing off the day before, so to speak, and feel more prepared for the day ahead.x

  2. The first cup of tea, brought to me by my husband each morning is the catalyst for starting each day. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful view over Dartmoor from my bedroom window and I slowly drink the tea while watching the ever changing backdrop of hills and valleys, trees and birds. After that comes a cuddle and then I’m ready for anything the world wants to throw my way!

  3. For me it is waking up with some motivative music. It is something small however music has been one of the few things that could switch my mood very easily. So, waking up with music always makes me feel a little bit stronger.

  4. I say my mantras, do some loving kindness, remind myself how kick ass I am, think of positive things that happened the evening before, practice gratitude and set my intention for the day. Then I enjoy the hell out of some strong,hot black coffee!

  5. A lovely post Dr. Looking forward to my healthy breakfast after some very early morning exercise is my happy start to the day… watching the sky change colour along the way 💐🌟

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