What We Believe Matters

What we believe matters as it’s our mindset that shapes our physiological and emotional response to stressful circumstances.

Ultimately, determining our ability to face our fears, overcome resistance, and bounce back after adversity.

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For example, when a relationship ends, if we view it as a personal failure, from a place of blame and shame, we are less likely to try again.

Afraid to risk the pain, reluctant to venture beyond our comfort zone.

On the other hand, if we perceive the same breakup as an opportunity to learn. To begin again.

To start over. Fresh. Renewed. We are more open to meeting someone new.


This is also true when it comes to student confidence and ability to thrive during times of uncertainty.

What students say to themselves matters immensely.

Obstacles do not block the path. They are the path.”

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Today I am grateful for all of my relationship failures.

For if it weren’t for the loss, the heartache, and the lessons, I never would met the wonderful man I am married to today.


Trust the Process

It was not easy at the time. Challenge rarely is. But if we keep our eyes to the sky, and trust that no matter what we are going through, it will all be worth it in the end.

Mindset Changes Everything

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    1. Awesome! So pumped that this resonated with you! For me too! “Obstacles are the path”is my new mantra. Lots of challenges as I prep for a TEDx Talk. (Stretching outside my comfort zone.) And this quote helps tremendously! 💃

      1. Keep us posted… I’m looking forward to seeing your TED Talk already! I love the insights and awareness they bring! Beautiful post and I’m so happy you found someone special!

    1. My pleasure! 😊 I love being your small shift positive. For it’s often the smallest nudges in the course of a day that make the biggest difference.

      My nursing students taught me this more than anybody else.

      I write an encouraging note on our class website each week. And at the end of the semester — what nursing students thanked me for the most was calling them CLASS OF 2021.

      For if I believed they could successfully graduate with a BScN in 2021 — then they (finally) believed that they could too. 🎓

      #belief #hope #mindset

  1. Another wonderful and inspirational post from you, doc. That’s the perspective that keeps us moving. If we are daunted by failures, we will never gather the courage to try. Our beliefs and mindset make us who we are and how we respond! Keep inspiring 🙂

  2. Perhaps it never comes to a place where we welcome things getting in our way or not turning out as we have planned, but I do agree, the destination is often the path. If we are open to the flow, we can learn the immeasurable, and even leapfrog the simple-minded learning we are so prone to.

    1. Great insights! Thank you for sharing. Openness is a key ingredient in adapting to change. Which is always difficult in the moment. But when we take a step back and surrender to the process. The end result is often a destiny much bigger than we could ever could have imagined for ourselves.

  3. I too really needed to hear this! The end of my last week really fell apart so I’m trying to look at today as “reset day” rather than focusing on my failures. Trying to remind myself of what I did succeed at last week, even if it was just a few things. I love the thought of obstacles as learning opportunities!

    1. I love how you reframed starting over from failures (we all have them) as a “RESET DAY”. I can just picture it in my mind’s eye. I’m holding up an empty frame and imagining a phoenix (you!) rising from the ashes. Born again. Emerging. Growing. Ultimately: Reset for flight!

  4. I am finding comfort in my discomfort. What a great post which brought to mind the only true way to grow is through pain in obstacles. Yet, in order for growth to truly happen one must have right attitude to embrace that change.

    1. Well said Amy! Victim or VICTOR. We get to choose. And it’s that very thought that helps us find COMFORT IN OUR DISCOMFORT. For our roots are grown (just like palm trees) in hurricanes – not in sunny days. And it’s our mindset that helps us rise again.

      1. The conversation I had this morning continues …. Yes pain with right attitude is the exact “trigger” for new growth to appear. Every time of late I rise to stand firm once again, that rug is whipped out from under my feet. Pain? When I am through this phase of my life, I’ll have more then one Palm Tree standing. And as an acute observer of Nature, the “pain” of birth I witness again and again. And so it is with me. (smile)

  5. This was an incredibly beautiful and insightful post!! Obstacles do create our paths in life. Our mindsets definitely matter and we are able to make the choices that build our lives! I loved reading this and it really was inspiring. I am looking forward to continue reading your posts! I am sending you lots of love and comfort!!

  6. Reblogged this on The Persian Vegan Chic and commented:
    Good Monday motivation reads. I believe a positive mindset is the first step to a happy, motivating and adventurous life. I am personally working on being more positive, carefree, and less materialistic this year. Moving more towards minimalism and saving more money on traveling, expanding my inner and outer world than my closet. I thought this was a good reminder on that. With a positive mindset you can achieve anything you want. I hope you enjoy this article as much as did :).

    1. Cool! For me too!

      This is where the idea came from…

      I’m working on a TEDx talk about diamonds from pressure.

      One of my subtopics is how we aspire to travel outside of our comfort zone to a bigger space. And in the process we’re challenged to endure the place in between.

      Often we’re too far from our old life to turn back — and too far from our dream destination to believe it.

      Which is why we have to find comfort in our discomfort zones. For this is where we mostly live.

      Today: Hot tea brings me comfort during end of semester challenges. Simple joys. Incredibly comforting. ☕️

  7. Oh Andrea, how do you know what to write in perfect timing for me! Thank you. I know this on some levels, and there are still parts of me that can use the gentle reminder. My spiritual mentor says how every stumbling block is a stepping stone. You illustrate this with beauty here. Blessings to you and your husband. So glad you found each other. Debbie ☺

  8. Oh those in-between-times of transition…too far to go back but not yet to our “dream destination”, as you point out. I constantly must remind myself that it’s all about the journey, not so much the destination! Thanks for this–so very good.

    1. My pleasure Lois! I’m glad it resonated with you. Your words reinforce a shared lifetime lesson. No amount of searching for better times will create better times. There will always be obstacles. There will always be discomfort. Which is why — We must be the comfort we’re looking for. One deep breath. One soothing thought. One hot cup of coffee… at a time. ☕️

  9. Grateful to have come across this post and perfect timing indeed! I love the line “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”. I love reading your blog, thank you for everything!

    1. Thanks Daniel! If anyone knows about the power of mindset — it’s you! The road to becoming a nurse is challenging indeed. But the destination of saving & changing lives makes it ALL worthwhile.

  10. I wholeheartedly agree with your rock solid truth that our mindset changes everything. I’ve said this for years and I mean it more every day, “I would not give up one moment of experienced pain for the promise of eternal bliss.” This may sound a little crazy, but I know better. The ability to see the gift in every moment, whether or not we label it good or bad, opens us up to live a lifestyle of unending abundance. Unfortunately the reverse is just as true and, I’m afraid, much more common, The need to see burden and lack in every moment, no matter how good, tethers us to a life doomed to be filled with eternal disappointment. Choosing to see life through the eyes of resentment brings nothing but suffering, but choosing to see life through the eyes of appreciation has rewards beyond measure.

    This next belief of mine sums up nicely how I feel about the journey of life.

    The beauty in the fabric of my life comes from all those events that have had a pleasant outcome; but the strength of it lies in those circumstances that have challenged me to be a better person. I’m therefore MORE thankful for the pain I’ve moved past than the pleasures I’ve experienced. I do not seek suffering as a means to improve myself, but there’s a wonderful comfort in knowing it’s capable of eventually providing increased gratitude.

    Thank you for your post!

  11. ““Obstacles do not block the path. They are the path.””……

    Loved your post… So, so true.. What we believe really does matter and makes a difference… ‘What we think, we create’ ….

    And I have found that we often do not realise the obstacles we ourselves put in our paths… But each one when we face them… we are being given the opportunity to overcome them, which in turn strengthens us even further.

    My own biggest Life lessons were in overcoming obstacles…. Both externally and internally .. MIND over Matter… 🙂
    Wise words as always Andrea.. Thank YOU.. 💛🙏

    1. Amen to MIND over Matter Sue! A frequent conversation at the gym where I work out at. MIND over Matter. So much so that the owner of the gym posted a quote on the wall that says “Your Body Will Do Whatever Your Mind Believes it Can Do”. . . a quote that I direct many of my gym mates too whenever they are feeling overwhelmed by a particular exercise. And every time they read the quote – their whole being LIGHTS UP. Thank you for the comment, and your encouragement. Together we RISE. 💛🙏

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