Less fight. More serenity.


The next time you’re gearing up for another big fight with reality.

Morning Traffic

Office Politics

Loud Neighbours

Unpredictable Weather

Try rolling with it.

Giving up the fight.

Waving the white flag.

Surrendering to what is.

And always has been.

The upside.

You conserve energy for the joyful in your life.

The meaningful in your life.

The soulful in your life.

Including this very moment.

This is where your life SHINES.


28 thoughts on “Less fight. More serenity.

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  1. We have 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day.

    Try to fight anything and guess what happens.
    Those are the thoughts that we ruminate about.

    Emotional Turmoil in the defense of self.
    I. Me. Mine.

    Yes! Let go and be free!

  2. Love this! I find that sometimes it can be really hard to change our perspective and response. Ultimately, it is ours to accept into our lives or to not. It is our peace —Thank you for the reminder!

  3. Reblogged this on When Women Inspire and commented:
    This motivating blog post from Dr. Andrea Dinardo is a reminder to embrace the zen. As she writes, in those moments that test us “try rolling with it.” Will do! ☮

    Love Christy

    1. Me too Becky! We write what we need to practice. Ever since I posted this, my husband and I have been saying “wave the white flag” every time we start fighting with reality. And the bonus is that we can’t stop laughing every time we do. It takes so little to flip the switch on our animal brain. The key is to remember to wave the flag. 🚩🏳️

  4. Once I learned that the “storm” is always going to be going on, I learned how to be at peace within, especially when the “storm” is raging! My life of recovering from complete and utter dysfunction, is now one of value, purpose, and spreading hope and happiness to fellow travelers within the storm. Thanks for your post!

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