Ordinary Joys

Simple pleasures are my favourite.

Hot coffee. Cozy blankets. Birds singing. The sun rising. Fast runs. Slow walks. Long days. Warm hugs. Peaceful silences. BLT sandwiches. Tomato soup. Matinee movies. Buttery popcorn. Ice cold pop. Walking on campus. Smiling in the hallways. Laughing with students. Learning from students. Driving home. Soulful conversations. Dreaming of the future. Reminiscing about the past. Living fully in the moment. Riding bikes. Dancing down the street. Barbeque dinners. Chocolate almonds. Stephen King novels. Hot Tea. Cozy Blankets. Birds Singing… 


Nothing is more extraordinary than our ordinary joys. For how we live our days is how we live the whole of our lives.

What brings you joy on an ordinary day?

42 thoughts on “Ordinary Joys

  1. Sunshine coming through the blinds as I wake. Palm trees swaying and good music playing. Quiet talks over a game of cards with my sweetie. Warm water if the Gulf of Mexico. The rise and fall of ocean swells.

    Love this post! I can honestly say I never take these things ( and many more) for granted. 😊

    1. How beautiful. Your description of an (extra)ordinary day is poetic. Swaying and moving with the rhythm of the wind and water. Thank you for the invitation into your daily experience. I have been blessed by your blessings.

  2. I also enjoy BLTs, my lovely support system, I work at a doggy day care and I love all the furry friends I give love to, Real Housewives, my view of the Flatirons, Aloe juice, my baby blanket, my succulents, my blog, and warm hot showers 🙂

  3. So very well said. It was being in hospital after each surgery that I had such a strong desire and appreciation for the smaller things, the mundane, even the stuff I never really liked before. Sometimes we can get so caught up in stresses and expectations and feel as though we need more, and sadly miss out on the smaller, simpler things that can bring us so much joy. Great post! xx

    1. I get it. Challenges in every form are so very painful in the moment. Yet so liberating on the other side. Adversity clears our path & wipes our slate clean. And it’s only then that we can truly see, all the unnoticed joys right in front of us. ☀️

  4. It has been so long since I’ve had an ordinary day. Life with a disease will do this to a person. I am going to think up a response and I am going to blog about it! This is so important! Ordinary day… what does that feel like now? Great post! ~Kim

  5. This is a wonderful post. Thank you for the reminder!

    My ordinary joys: Hot coffee, reading for longer than 30 minutes per night, casual conversations with my husband about our hopes and dreams, mini road trips, movie theater popcorn, Reese’s peanut butter cups, garlic bread, knockout roses, seeing the rebirth of our Earth during the springtime, hearing the ocean waves, seeing the stars at my in-law’s farm, a hug from my parents. All wonderful, simple things.

  6. Birds singing in the early morning like soloists competing for unique expression and sound, the smell of rain right before the torrential downpour, clouds at sunset dappled with orange and blue, lightning bolts that light up the sky for one brilliant moment. This is an awesome post! Thanks for the reminder to be thankful for the everyday wonders we all live with.

  7. “Birds singing in the early morning like soloists competing for unique expression and sound, the smell of rain..”

    I love how multi sensory your ordinary joys are! Each moment crackles with sound, smell, and everything else. Thank you! You beautifully bring to life the essence of my post. Here and now. This is where the magic lives. Our job is to notice.

  8. Feeling a soft warm body who is purring under my hand upon waking. Sunshine. Blue skies. Birds singing. Watching the leaves come forth. Closing my eyes and listening to soft music. Hugging my husband. Taking a walk in a forest. Taking off at a red light and beating the macho next to me. (laughing!) Zoning out with a camera in hand. Dancing with the vacuum cleaner. Opening my windows to the fresh air. Smiling. And so forth ….. (smile) 💝

  9. There is so much truth in this!!! Sitting on my couch with both my dogs and their unconditional love brings me joy on an ordinary day. Love this post Dr. Andrea!! 🙂

  10. The birds singing, rich hot coffee with a dash of organic half and half, working on my novel, creating any of my art, Leela (my incredibly smart rescue) when she gives me a nod after I ask her a question, my growing houseplants, spring, sunshine, warmth, moving to the mountains. I love life more than I ever have, I’m truly happy with me and so many of my desires are manifesting.

  11. I love watching the sunlight through the trees and noticing how it changes through the day – crisp in the morning, clear and warm in the afternoon and gold at dusk as the birds sing along. Just being at home and hanging out with the dogs is a gift.

  12. I love how every-day joys always resonate through my daily gratitude lists, and think how lucky I am to feel so very grateful for them each and every day! Dramatic sunrises, hot coffee, kisses, hot showers, satisfying runs, ticking things off my lists, being present in a moment, coming home…. life is rich and beautiful.

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