The healing power of imagination.

What images give you a sense of safety and protection in the midst of fearful thoughts?


 I imagine angels in the sky and lions at my feet. You: What images shift you from fear to safety?

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11 thoughts on “The healing power of imagination.

  1. Anything to do with water relaxes me enough to remember that at all times I am loved and protected by unseen forces (guardian angels, God, deceased relatives, even souls I may not have known in this lifetime.) And when that doesn’t work for me, I sing “The Our Father” in my mind. Singing really works for me because it takes effort to get the words right, which takes the mind in a different direction. ❤

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  2. That’s a really great question. Let’s see…
    Rich colors in general
    Being held, like a mother holding a child
    Two people holding hands
    Running! (I’m a runner)
    Being enfolded in a blanket.
    I really appreciate this question, Andrea. It helped me to see more about what helps me to feel safe, and maybe possible actions to take for myself. Good awareness.
    Many blessings to you,

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