Good news to share.

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Hope everyone’s having a great day! I wanted take a moment and share some good news with you.

In June I was interviewed by THE DRIVE magazine for an article on mental health and thriving under pressure.

The creative director saw my TEDx Talk and reached out for input into their next issue. How cool is that!

Consequently, I will be their mental health expert for their “Pushing through the Boundaries” issue being published in August.

Which includes a professional photo shoot at my most favourite place, Blue Heron Lake. Pinch me please!

Nourishing mental health while reaching for the stars is something I hold dear to my heart. So please stay tuned for the rest of the story!

I’ll be sure to post a link to the interview soon!

Your Turn:

I’d love to hear your good news too!

80 thoughts on “Good news to share.

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      1. Aww, that’s so sweet! Thank you! I am thankful daily for it. Especially since it is fairly new to me (for letting a bitter grudge go). It’s all a part of the universal process; which I recently discovered how some of it functions.

  1. I’m delighted for you Andrea, it is nothing more than you deserve for all your efforts and realness. I’m looking forward to your next update! My good news…my son who struggled with bullying & health issues is actually sitting his Leaving Certificate exams, something I only dreamed could happen. I’m so proud of his resillience, proud of him. Thanks for asking!

    1. Oh my goodness Marie. That is such wonderful news!

      There is no doubt that you have provided a safe and loving foundation for him to bounce back from all his adversities. His challenges may come and go, but his resilience will last a lifetime. Wishing both of you success (it takes a family!) during his Certificate exams! So proud.

      1. Thank you so much Andrea for your very kind words. We have all grown and learned a lot. One supportive piece of advice was simply “Just love him” and that’s what we did!

  2. Fabulous, congratulations. My good news – well, I think my creative mojo is waking up after a bit of a break.

    1. You’re the best! Thanks Jenny! I love your excitement for me. The fun part was how unexpected it was. But that’s how the universe works. Magically, behind the scenes. 😉

  3. Congratulations Andrea, what exciting news! I’m thrilled for you. As for me, I’ve had a travel article accepted for publication in a month or so, so I’m pretty chuffed. Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

  4. Yay!
    Good news here: got an inspection yesterday at school for my career advancement and everything went great!
    Positive vibes everywhere 😄😄

      1. Hello Doctor,
        Thank you so much for your message and words of encouragement. I will forward your link to my contacts with pleasure. My question is: how How do you get the exposure in order for TEDx to contact you.
        I’m not a doctor, I just a BAD with lots to say and share.
        In the meantime, I’ll keep dreaming.
        All the best and Peace and serenity

  5. Congratulations, Andrea! What a wonderful experience to look forward to. Good things happen to good people. No doubt about it. I am having a celebration lunch today with my 23-year old daughter who has just been hired by an Indianapolis school district to teach kindergarten. She graduated from Butler in May and has been student teaching and interviewing since then. She is only back in Chicago for the weekend for a CPR class. Life is good! Have a great weekend!

  6. Congratulations, Andrea! An honor well deserved.

    My good news: Our long-awaited HVAC replacement work is scheduled to start on Monday! After two years of suffering summers, in about three weeks (hopefully less) from now, we will have the proper ductwork and two brand-spanking new units that will properly heat and cool our house!!

  7. Yay! Andrea that is such a privilege and great role for you. I acknowledge you for the courage you have in doing the TedX talk and to get out there and say YES. Your expression is a great service and blessing. (ps – I was on a blogging break! I’m back now. 🙂 ) Love, Debbie

  8. Congratulations! It seems there is more and more need for information and resources regarding mental health. Thank you for helping everyone! My good news is that I *finally* got a good idea (I believe) for my next book. 🙂 Have a fantastic day! – Caroline

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