Keep Dreaming. Keep Believing.


What percentage of the time do you spend talking about your stress versus talking about your dreams?

Arguing for your weaknesses versus championing for your strengths?

Dwelling on the negative simply contributes to its power.

So please accept this challenge of beginning your conversations with your dreams instead of your stress.

In doing so you energize your day and everyone around you.

Trust me. I speak from experience.

When we focus on what’s right  — If only 1% of our day —

Everything changes for the better.

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Keep Dreaming. Keep Believing.

The world needs dreamers  like you.

41 thoughts on “Keep Dreaming. Keep Believing.

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  1. After being a half-empty-glass for half my life I’ve learned how much of my negativity (conscious or unconscious) was affectin me (while blaming others or circumstances)…. This is the kind of reminder one should print A4 and stick to their wall… I will! 😀

    1. Stress is stress. Shared by us all D, I get it. I appreciate your promise to yourself to try for the month of February. I overflowing cup at a time. 💦☀️

      MyTEDx on thriving under pressure (stress) might help too:

      Let me know how February goes!

      Dr. Andrea 😊

  2. Love this, Dr! This is how we manifest in our lives! I learned it quite by accident but since I did, I have managed to bring into my life exactly what I wanted. Love how you encourage people to be their best selves, and show them the path to getting there! 🤗

    1. Thank YOU for the encouragement! Full circle good vibes .. my favourite! I hope your weekend has treated you as beautifully as you treat others. Kindness domino effect of the highest kind.. 😀 😀

  3. I love your reminder to begin conversations with our dreams. I’m intending to make more room for dreams, spirit and thriving this year and this is a good tool to support them. Thanks Andrea. 🙂

  4. Thanks Andrea,
    Will write them in my journal. Love your green theme:- eyes, fleece & walls. Funny, I am wearing a warm green sweater today. I feel different when wearing different colours. I don’t wear green often but when I do I find it quite calming 🙂

    1. My pleasure Margaret! You motivate me to keep filming and writing x 100. Writing in your journal and per chance wearing a green cozy fleece like me = Synchronicity! BTW green is the colour of the heart chakra. How cool is that.. 😀

  5. A beautiful reminder, Andrea. We can get so caught up in talking about negatives and stress that it becomes a habitual thing. Moving away from that and putting out more positivity, talking about our dreams, giving out good vibes are all such important things to do for ourselves & those around us!
    Caz xx

    1. Thank you for watching and reflecting on the topic Caz. I always love hearing from you on my blog. If anyone knows the importance of focusing on what’s good – it’s you! You could have 99 health reasons to feel down in a day, and somehow you always reach for the 1% good. #inspired xoxo

  6. Good post Andrea. I’m a dreamer and it’s my little escape into my fantasy world. Dreaming is good, even if you don’t realise your goals. I think of it as a place like heaven which you can visit and make it exactly how you want it to be…😊

  7. Thank you so much for your extra dose of positivity! Indeed, if we focus on what is right, everything changes for the better. I remember being stressed last week with my mom and instead of focusing on the issue, I diverted my attention instead. The next day, we were good.

  8. Love..Love..Love this! Since I have focused on learning self, dreams, having faith and looking forward blessings abound. Positivity breeds positivity in ones self and those who surround. One need not sacrifice to instigate great change rather be more of the goodness that they already are. Love this adaptation, “If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down.” Negativity is a weight that we have gotten used to carrying. Positivity is a hope, a light, an invitation 🙂

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