The miracle in this moment.


Miracles are everywhere.

The only catch is that we have to “be here now” to notice them.

Gratitude speeds their discovery.💫


What are you grateful for?

Right here. Right now.

In this moment – I am grateful for this hot cup of coffee. And for this delicious lunch. I am grateful for Tim Horton’s camp day. I am grateful for the generosity of Tim Horton’s customers.  I am grateful to be Canadian.

Miracles are everywhere.

Your attention unlocks the key.

The miracle (of this moment) was that I was so wrapped up in the busyness of my day that I did not wake up to the fact that today was #CampDay. (A big deal for Canadians.)

It wasn’t until I began searching for what I was grateful for (in this moment in time) that I woke up to the vibrant coloured balloons and bold inscription on my Timmies coffee cup.

It wasn’t until I went looking for (and expecting) miracles that I realized I was surrounded by one. 💙


Miracles are everywhere.

What do you see?

At this moment in time.

What are you grateful for? Right in front of you.


Miracles are everywhere.

They will set you free.

What miracle did you discover?

Right here. Right now.

What miracle did you find – that had been there all along?

24 thoughts on “The miracle in this moment.

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  1. I believe there are miracles everywhere around us every day, but today I am especially grateful for my life. Yesterday, I spent 10 hours in my hospital’s UCC and saw so much pain and suffering. So today, I am celebrating my life and my survival.

        1. What an incredible post! You have opened my eyes to both the inspiration that exists within the cancer community and the phenomenon that some survivors reject the concept entirely. Thank you for the enlightenment and continued inspiration.✨💫

  2. I’m grateful that I am alive. I almost got hit by a cab yesterday 🙂 I’m grateful to get to see my daughter and husband everyday– that we stay under one roof! 🙂 I’m grateful for my kid’s nanny ’cause I could trust her and she treats my girl like she was her own… I’m grateful for my husband who provides for us… I’m grateful I get to spend my weekend with the WHOLE family (with parents, siblings & nieces)… I am just grateful for my life and the people in my life who I love so dearly and I know they love me too even if they don’t literally say it. 🙂

  3. I am grateful for the privilege of being married to my soul mate for almost 30 years, for health of my family, for fabulous friends. I believe that an attitude of gratitude is the only way to live.

  4. I am not a good sleeper. So I’ve tried over the counter meds, meditation, self-reiki, prescription meds….

    But the thing that works best, almost never fails, is to turn on ocean-like meditation music and then begin to say “thank you” for whatever enters my head. Thank you for this nice warm bed, for this house, for my health, for my big beautiful son, for the food in my fridge, for my family, my friends. You get the idea. And then I usually can sleep 6 hours or so….which is a miracle!

    But the other miracle is that i’ve been reading A Return to Love for the 2nd time, and her newer book The Gift of Change, at the same time. Just talking and thinking about miracles, and the shift in perception, and here comes your blog, right in tune with my mindset. 🙂

  5. You are a miracle.
    My spiritual studies on my bed are a miracle.
    This beautiful room I’m in is a miracle (I’m at the HQ of the spiritual group I study with … it’s gorgeous!!)
    My breathing in and breathing out is a miracle.
    The plant by my bed is a miracle – he’s my friend (odd maybe yet true!)

    Thank you Andrea. I love this process of breathing, coming present, and being grateful. ❤ Blessings.

    1. I can visualize it all. Heartwarming. Full of blessings. Multiplied when noticed.

      And when you combine all three elements of your practice: “breathing, coming present, and being grateful” you uncover the miracle of this present moment. 💖💫

  6. nice! Im doing the “3 gratitudes” initiative. Every time I have a negative thought I visualize 3 things I am grateful for — sometimes its as simple as the flowers in my back garden, sometimes as deep as the look in my granddaughters eyes when I walk in her home. I am finding the negative moments are getting less and less…

    1. Thank you for sharing! Love how your gratitude practice ranges from simple to profound. All equally divine.

      And that it works! That’s the miracle. That something so seemingly easy can give us so much freedom of mind, heart, and soul.

  7. I so agree. We just need to keep our eyes, ears, heart and mind open to see them. Miracles happen everyday but most often just pass us by without us noticing them. I am grateful for the view from my desk as I write in- lush green walk/jog track. Great post as always.

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