Face It – You are Strong!


Everything you’re afraid of – you’ve already experienced.

Afraid of commitment?

You’ve been dumped.

Afraid of failure?

You’ve failed.

been there done that

Afraid of rejection?

You’ve been rejected.

Afraid of being broke?

You’ve been without money.

Fill in the blanks for me..

Afraid of being _________?

You’ve been _________.

And then vow to erase that fear in your life.


By facing your fears head on.

Remember – you have been here before.

You have more knowledge and experience than you recognize.

You are braver than you realize.

You have faced this fear before.


 You have survived this fear before.

And you have thrived because of it.

You may not realize it – but you have.

Face it – you’re strong!

And you have the power to kick fear right to the curb.

Once and for all!


Your final challenge is to embrace your power.

Full on!

27 thoughts on “Face It – You are Strong!

Add yours

    1. The upside of every downside is the lesson learned. There is no doubt that you learned to become more self-sufficient as a result of being shut out. And most likely (eventually) realized that you are worthy of someone loving you as much as you love them. “Good riddance!” I say. As time alone in comfort will always be better than time with others in pain. And based on your most recent (very insightful) posts, you continue to be enrolled in Life 101. Just as I am! 🙂

    1. Such a universal lesson for us all. Thank you for sharing your own experience with fear. Tempting to avoid it. And to a certain extent we all do. Until our world shrinks relative to the fear itself. And we have to have to step in & step up — and show it who’s the boss. 🙂

  1. Such a motivating and encouraging post. Thanks for the boost of confidence. Fear can be such a fierce foe. God can help us to see His Spirit within us is mighty! 🙂

    I have nominated you for the Entertainer Blogger Award. Please note that I was a bit lengthy in the post, but wrote a special small note beside each nominee. Congrats and God bless you, Andrea!

  2. Excellent post doc! We all are afraid of something or the other in our lives but I loved you point of contention that it signifies that we have faced it too sometime or the other. Liked this perspective!

  3. What a simple and yet powerful message, Andrea! I only hope my own writing can become as succinct and direct as yours. I generally tend to write much longer form pieces, but I’m not sure if that makes them inaccessible to my readers. What do you think?

    1. Hi Josh!

      Thanks for the feedback! Definitely helps my writing when I know what resonates with readers.

      I will check out your blog and share my insights. My blink answer is that it’s good to have a variety in lengths of posts. All depending on the intention of each message.

      I will get back to your further!

      Andrea ☀️

      1. You’re welcome. Yes, it’s my voice. As I stated, I recorded it a week ago. It’s wonderful to experience the synchronized energy and messages of insight that we share on WordPress.

        I continue to appreciate the value of your offerings…🌹🤗✨

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