Happiness is a conscious process.


When you notice the blessings in your life (big or small), happiness happens. One conscious thought. One mindful emotion. One insightful gesture. One moment of wonder.. at a time.☀️

Inspiration: 21 positive thoughts for your morning. 

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  1. Dr. D., this makes me think of the times when I go to the grocery store thinking, “What am I doing here at this hour? This is gonna be a real joy.” Right there in the parking lot, I take a deep breath and intentionally change my thinking before I walk in the store to, “There are people in here who need my smile, my “hellos,” and my courtesy!” When I focus on the positive and use my strengths to help others, I end up walking out having met new friends. 🙂 Thank you for your positivity friend!

    1. What a beautiful practice! Thank you for sharing Tami. I’m adding your awareness strategy to my “snap out of the fog & into the joy practice” starting at the grocery store today!🌿🌷

    1. Thank you! 😊 I always thought of happiness as a habit. A daily practice we must all commit to. Certainly coming more easily to some than others. Nonetheless, a individual range of contentment available to us all.

  2. I like how you titled this post, “Happiness is a conscious PROCESS” rather than an experience or a moment. Happiness is not typically based on “pot luck.” It is based on a cognitive decision and a plan of action.

    1. Yes Ipuna!

      That’s my favourite part of applying positive psychology & health psychology to everyday life.

      Being conscious of the link between thought & energy & emotion changes everything.

      This alert awareness to our own life gives us us a sense of control (no matter how small) – a key factor in cultivating happiness.

      When we don’t like how we feel, then we have to consider what we’re thinking. And then we have a Choice to Challenge or Change our thoughts for the better.

      Thoughts => Energy => Emotion => Action

      1. Wow! I love it! I already knew a lot of this, but you broke it down soooooo easy!

        “Thoughts => Energy => Emotion => Action”

        I will remember that forever now!

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