Letting life flow.

Stressful Times.

The one word I hear repeatedly from students this time of year is drowning.

Drowning in bills. Drowning in midterms. Drowning in research.


Not a pleasant thought. And definitely not energizing.

A sinking feeling that takes student motivation from 100 to 0 in an instant.

By thought alone.

Empowering Lessons.

How can we help students to feel more empowered in the midst of winter weather, too many midterms, and not enough time.

Transforming Stressors.

We meet students where they’re at. By embracing that stressful, drowning thought and transforming it into a peaceful, floating feeling. By helping students feel safe and supported. In and out of the classroom.


Trusting the Flow.

We remind students of their resilience. We show them how far they’ve come. We encourage them to flow with the moment instead of fighting against the current. Then and only then can the focused learning begin.


Video from today's psychology class. 🌊

What helps you go with the flow?

23 thoughts on “Letting life flow.

  1. Dr. Dinardo,
    Flow with the current instead of fighting against it. Live in the moment. I love all of these words. I never saw stress as a fight against the now. That’s an excellent way to think about things. I will definitely consider that when I feel stress coming on 😬​. ❤️​

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    1. It sounds like you had an “Aha Moment” Ipuna. I love that! Letting the present moment flow is a critical stress management technique for busy, Type A individuals. (I speak from experience.) Yet a challenging one for overschedulers to commit to. That said, once you let go and imagine yourself floating & flowing (instead of resisting what is), you will start to feel the cortisol slowly drifting away..

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