Harnessing positive energy.


The next time you’re tempted to complain about the same thing (over and over again), direct that same (frustrated) energy into your highest, loftiest goals. Consciously swap one complaint for one baby step towards your dreams. Same energy required. Magically different results. 🎈

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  1. I had a former boss who helped us become better employees by asking us what’s the solution whenever we complained. Very soon, we’d go to him with options to try to improve things.

    1. Agreed! I think it’s because we’re too often on automatic pilot. Complaining is a bad habit that we’re all prone to & unless we disrupt the “unconscious pattern” with a (quick) visual or verbal reminder, we’ll keep doing it. Especially if the people around you tolerate it. What do you think?

      1. I do agree. And the other factor I would add is that if the people around fall into that pattern, it serves to reinforce it even more.

  2. Hello Dr Dinardo!
    Again a lovely post. And something I was actually pondering over this morning as I walked through Autumn leaves. I realised that although maybe not a ‘complaint’ as such, but still a negative thought… I had to accept the things I’ll never be, and maybe don’t actually want to become, to focus on what’s right in front of me now presenting as my new passions and dreams… Thank you for very sweet reminder in your post today 🌟💕

    1. Walking through “Autumn leaves” gave me pause. (As Spring is just beginning here.) Then I remembered that you were Australian! So cool. One more reason to love blogging. Connected a world away. 🌏

      1. Ah sorry to confuse you… yes, I’m ‘downunder’🙂. Yes, it’s really amazing and a real privilege. Thank you for replying, Dr Dinardo 💐

    1. Good for you Brad! Not only is that awesome for you, it’s especially great for your relationships. Too often people confuse complaining with conversation. Personally, I’d rather share hopes & dreams. Life is short. Might as well make the small talk – big talk.💡🌟

    1. My pleasure Ivana! I find that complaining has as much to do with automatic pilot and unconscious habits, as anything else. Reminders wake us up & out of our habitual, complaining fog.

  3. Wonderful thought and responses. This exact premise was the basis of my first book, How to be Content in a World Full of Malcontents. We spend so much time and energy complaining that we miss the finer things and let life pass us by. We must actively engage in our own happiness and contentment! Thanks!

  4. OH yes yes yes this is what I do. I harness all my creative energy for my job. I’m a magazine art director/editor/illustrator so I do need all the positive flows. I’ve also made myself playlists of music that is motivational I listen to that while I work so I stay in my creative zone all day. When I leave work I feel like I’ve been some place else lovely! Love seeing that you think this way too! Yay ~ღ~

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