Study Tip: Stay Focused

This post was inspired by the one question students ask year after year:

Why Can’t I Remember Anything?

More often than not, it’s a focusing and attention issue, not a memory problem.

An important distinction between attention and memory described in the video below:

Stay Focused

You Can’t Do Big Things If You’re Distracted By Small Things

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    1. Thanks Michelle! I have to give my Mom (also a psychologist) credit for the “Reward yourself… eventually.” focus tip. Since we were young children, my mom always used our favourite games or hobbies as rewards for getting our homework, gardening, cleaning etc. done. And to this day — I use the Premack Principle to motivate myself through the most mundane of chores. ✅✅

      1. I love that about moms they always have these little things they do which bring such smiles and warm love thoughts 🧡🙏🏼 I was thinking when I read this just the other day I had to put my cell phone in my desk to focus better 😂😂🧡🤗

  1. Love this post!! This could be a good guide to living, not just studying 🙂 I’ve learned that I should make a worry box and also that I use Starbucks as a reward for simply waking up in the morning lol 🙂 hmmm

    1. Thanks Victoria! I asked students what I could do to support them post-strike. Almost all of them asked for help with focusing and staying positive when stressed. Hence the motivation for this post!

      BTW I have a worry box aka God box beside my bed and it’s filled to the brim with surrendering prayers. And it works. Every TIME. I just have to remember to give it time.. ☘️💚

  2. Such great & succinct advice, thanks! I am going to send this to my 17yr old son, who is trying hard to learn good habits for his final year of exams at high school, bless him. The phone temptation is strong for his generation… but he can do it, I’m sure. Thank you, G

    1. How wonderful! I love knowing that your son will benefit from this post. Especially as digital distractions become more and more enticing year after year. But such is life. And the only way to stand out is to be radically different than the norm. One “OFF SWITCH” at a time. ✅📲

        1. Great post! Such a simple yet brilliant idea! Turning off the wifi is something I have been doing on a regular basis since I started writing textbooks. The internet is like chocolate — you can’t have just one. So it’s better to remove the temptation all together. At least until the heavy (intellectual) lifting is done. 📖🤓

    1. Thanks! Great idea. Writing requires intense concentration. Especially in the beginning stages. Exactly why I turn off the wifi throughout my writing process. The internet is too tempting! 😳

    1. I love how you think Norah! Minimizing distractions is key..

      We need to tap into a source higher than the internet to be creative & original.

      Ultimately, the best download of all. ✍️ ⚡️

  3. Great tips Dr. D! I agree with #1 and I do think that flipping it over and setting a timer for your allotted study time will be helpful. When the timer goes off, then you can look at your phone. Also, something that helps me to focus is listening to Film Scores on Pandora…or any classical music, really.

  4. Professor your truly the best and most beautiful human being I have ever meet in my life. The world needs more people like you. Without your website that I weekly read I would be lost and you always help me feel so much better. God bless you Professor.

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