Work hard. Rest. Repeat.


Including students from all walks of life!

If I were to assign any homework this week it would be to take a break.

10 minutes at a time.

5 times a day.


Because you have all worked exceptionally hard the past five weeks.

And a good rest is half the work.

Although things may not have gone your way.

Not exactly as you had planned.


You are still here.

This is something to celebrate.

Because showing up and being fully present is the essence of being a spectacular nurse.

And training to be a nurse is as much about the journey as the knowledge itself.

Take a breath.

Take a rest.

Give yourself credit.

For ALL that brought you here.


Focus on the ENTIRE process.

Not just one paper. Or one test.

Because the only way to finish a marathon is to take the water from the sidelines, eat the food along the way, and most importantly celebrate every step in the journey.

No matter how small.

No matter how challenging.


I am sending you all good vibes.

All day long.

Every step of the way.

I believe in you.


Dr. D 😊

35 thoughts on “Work hard. Rest. Repeat.

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    1. Thanks for your input! This particular blog was a Blackboard post I wrote to my nursing students today. I am so proud of how hard they work — too much work sometimes — that I have to equally encourage them to take a break. So much so: I Assigned “Rest & Relax” as this week’s homework. 📚💚

    1. “It’s so important to be kind to ourselves along the way.”

      Yes Miriam! And it doesn’t take much. A hot coffee. An afternoon nap. A matinee movie on a Saturday. A good laugh with a friend. Everything adds up. No matter how small.

  1. Great advice Dr. D. for all paths in life, step back, pause, recoup and learn to CREATE the balance as “Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create”. Otherwise we will never find it, be given it, buy it or borrow it!

    1. Great insights! Thanks also for sharing my post with your readers on your site!

      Too often people envy others with abundant “free time”.

      When in reality, there is no magic to being free from soccer practice, work deadlines, household chores. Time management is all about Priority + Creativity.

      How will you create your life today?

      1. Thank you for your positive feedback! People envy what they perceive to be the situation but a lot of what they see may only be a front being presented to the world. ‘free time’ comes at a cost as we have to forego something in order to experience something else but I think it is about making informed choices, knowing our value and not worrying about what others think! Glad Christy led me to your blog…looking forward to learning more!

  2. I love this Andrea, thank you. It comes in perfect timing for me. Having some challenge with relationship. I appreciate you so much. Breathe, rest, have fun, be kind. 🤗🤗 Blessings, Debbie

    1. I appreciate you too! So much Debbie. Your blog brightens all of our days. And try to remember to keep some of that relationship love & patience for yourself too. Especially when you’re tempted to give it all away. These are the times when you need self-compassion the most. 🌺

  3. Great reminders for us all, not only your hard-working nursing students. I really appreciate your opening quote to rest, rather than quit, when tired. Thank you.

    1. My pleasure Norah! You are so right. We all need gentle reminders to rest & be still. And the best part is that it really doesn’t take long to recharge. Hot tea. A good book. A hot bath. A good chat. All re-energize exponentially. ♨️

  4. Getting through nursing school was one of the most difficult things I have ever done in my life! By the time I got through I looked back and did not know how I made it. I graduated top 5% of my class and I say that with pride because I worked for that honor. I am stunned to find out you are a nurse as well. This makes my heart soar with hope because I have seen what medicine has become and it terrifies me. I am no longer practicing as a nurse but worked as an RN in the SICU for 6 years before my back injury put my career on hold forever. Now I work with special needs cats and work very hard finding means to address medical issues that medicine does not have answers for. I am so honored and at the same time thrilled that our paths have crossed. I so look forward in getting to know you better. Much Love to you this day! 💕🌹💕

      1. Oh my goodness, my apologies! Now that I know your background we can move forward. (Smile) Believe me, you are in the minority (as I am) and to beat my path for years focusing on Love, the good, truth, “teaching” we always have choices, and then to meet someone who is not only doing what I am but so much more …. OH how my Heart just sings! Thank you for being the Teacher and Mentor you are because so many in the medical field today no longer have Compassion, nor do they care. Medicine has become all about the numbers and greed. Bless you for everything you do and may your Light and your Joy never cease! When we do what we Love to do, yes we do succeed! BIG (((HUGS))) and have a beauteous day!!! 🙂

        1. …. Was writing on the fly … I had to add not all those practicing medicine or involved with medicine fall into the Venus Trap of greed. There are many wonderful and Compassionate people within medicine. It may take a while to find them, but they are there. You are proof. 🤗

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