Follow your feelings.

Instead of focusing on what you want TO DO.

Focus on how you want TO FEEL.


Desired Feeling ⇔ Supporting Behaviour

  1. Strong ⇔ Move your body.
  2. Valuable ⇔ Help someone.
  3. Lighthearted ⇔ See a funny movie.
  4. Joyful ⇔ Go dancing with friends.
  5. Free ⇔ Unshackle from daily regimes & routines.
  6. Inspired ⇔ Spend time with immigrants.
  7. Peaceful ⇔ Look up at the stars.
  8. Empowered ⇔ Do what makes your heart sing.

How do you want to feel today?

What could you do today to augment how you want to feel?

Which action or behaviour supports your chosen, most desired emotion?

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19 thoughts on “Follow your feelings.

Add yours

  1. As a person living with disability, I make my bed each day and try to get dressed as a way of feeling normal – even if I don’t go out. It’s a psychological boost.

    1. Thank you for sharing! In so many ways, you show how it’s the little things which are the great big things in life. Especially when living with a disability. I hope you realize, deep in your heart, what an inspiration you are to me! 🌟💫

  2. Aww Andrea, I love this. What a sweet focus. Funny, as I’m just now listening to a spiritual seminar that talks about awareness & how awareness is attention.
    I want to feel joy!
    To do this, I’m going to write a blog post with a lot of creativity. COOL.
    Thank you. I needed this. Blessings your way Andrea…..

    1. “I want to feel joy! To do this, I’m going to write a blog post with a lot of creativity. COOL.”

      I love how you named the feeling & then followed up with action that supported the feeling. I am heading over to your blog right now to enjoy your latest post “Learning about love”.

      So cool! And so joyful. ❤️🎉

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