Focus is everything.

100 Distractions. 1 Goal.


Focus 0n the outcome. Not the obstacles.

6 thoughts on “Focus is everything.

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  1. Fantastic graphic, Andrea!
    Funny, I just posted a # of pink stickie notes in my living room to keep my focus on what I’m truly wanting for my life.
    Again, you are a great help to me … thanks for the reminder and your presence.

  2. Mindfulness is focus on the breath.

    The noise comes from one or more of the 60,000 thoughts that invade our consciousness daily.

    1. Love how your worded that Marty! 99% of our thoughts are noise. (Especially the repetitive ones.) Focusing on our breath takes us to a higher (quieter) place. Which is why BREATHE is my favourite mindfulness mantra of all.🌿🍃

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