Lost and found.


Every morning and every night I visit my favourite place on Earth.

The great outdoors. 🌿

Where do you go to quiet your mind and free your soul?

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37 thoughts on “Lost and found.

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    1. I also prefer quiet (or tame) my mind vs. lose my mind. I just thought this was a super cool quote. Speaking of cool: I love how your blog brings your readers up close and personal with nature every day. What a gift you have in photography Brad. Thank you for sharing your lens with the world. 📷🖤

  1. My first choice is the beach. However; since that is called vacation, I usually go into my yard or love parks. I love how the trees and the birds renew something in me.

    1. Me too! And the best part about trees & birds is how they are everywhere! Making renewal possible — no matter where, no matter when. The challenge is to open the door & surrender what’s left to Mother Nature.. 🌳 🦅 🌲

  2. Anywhere outdoors is my place to find myself and peace. Nothing quite like the rustling of leaves, smell of the Earth, random wildlife surviving and doing their daily stuff, and just the peace of basic surroundings. Love it.

    1. I love how your answer is so sensory! I also inhale the sweet scents and sounds of nature. The smell of fresh cut grass lifts me out of repetitive thoughts and into the moment. The rustling of autumn leaves reminds me of jumping into piles of leaves with my brothers and sisters. The wild turkeys in our local sanctuary makes me jump in laughter. Sweet sweet nature. Thank you for sharing Jai. 🍁

  3. When I lived in the Cleveland area I would always visit one of the many metro parks to relieve stress. Here, in rural Northern California, I ironically don’t have that opportunity. There are forests all around me, but since I don’t have a car up here I can’t access them.

  4. Have you ever heard it said that The Great Out Doors is what GOD stands for. I love that idea. We can find a home both in our own souls and in nature, but nature is full of energy and pulsing love. It refreshes our soul and restores our spirit. Beautiful. ❤

    1. “The Great Out Doors is what GOD stands for.”
      Wow! I love that! Now it all makes sense.

      The second I walk out the door and onto the blue heron trail — all my worries melt away. No hyperbole. They truly disappear. Thank God.

      Thank you for sharing your experiences too. I am lifted up by your relationship with mother nature. 🌿

    1. This quote brought tears to my eyes the first time I read it. For so many reasons. Including how freedom is so close, so attainable, and ultimately how we must free ourselves in what is inherently “free”.🌿🌳

  5. I live forest adjacent. While transcendence can occur in the redwoods, the ocean will always be where my soul thrives the most. I look forward to reading your future posts!

    1. I love your choice of words. Transcendent + Thriving is exactly how I feel I’m outdoors. With trees being my point of entry. Though I do love the ocean as you do too. Thank you for sharing! Just reading your words takes me there. 🌲🐠

  6. Nature is so grounding and peaceful. I never thought I’d take up camping again after our lads had grown up, but last year we decided to buy a tent – it takes us back to nature and I absolutely love those moments spent with family, chatting about life as we sit around the evening campfire. I re-create that sense of peace at home in my Brilliance Within Hut in the garden – it’s a special place for me.. beautiful music, candles, looking out on the garden, with a cosy heater to keep us warm in winter.. x

  7. Northern winters make it a challenge to get outside everyday, but a short walk in the cold brisk air re-energizes me. Even just a few blocks.

    When its nice out. I can’t get outside enough. Grounding and meditating to the beautiful sounds of nature. Visually, when I see nature, I see God. When I can’t get out, I take an aromatherapy bath.

    You have a beautiful and inspirational site!

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