You Can Do College Event


I love sharing ideas with students.

I can’t imagine a better moment in life to learn about purpose and empowerment than when we are young.

Which is why I embrace every opportunity to share the principles of positive psychology with students across Canada.

The most recent opportunity being a conference called: “You Can Do College.”

Watch Video — Click Here

  • 600 grade 10 students from 14 high schools participated in the 2 day conference.

The purpose of the event is to introduce high school students to all the programs available to them when they graduate in a few years.


Showing high school students that if they work hard today — “They Can Do College” in the future. 

Whether it be as a civil engineer, a veterinary technician, a nurse, or an early childhood educator.

The choice is theirs to make.


My job as a motivational speaker is to ignite their inner flame for higher learning.

This is what I was born to do! 


Power of Presence

Connecting with audience members is essential for me.

No matter how big or small the crowd.

Accordingly, I encouraged students to answer as many questions as they could (which they did!) as I walked and talked freely with the large crowd.

Hoping to meet as many of the 600 students as I could.


One of my favourite moments was when a young man shared his lifelong dream of becoming an engineer.

Listening to his mission shifted me to a higher place.

Students are our future!

Watch Video — Click Here

The icing on the cake was hearing about destiny from a student named Destiny. 

Destiny aspires to be a cosmetologist to the stars in Hollywood one day. How cool is that!


Today’s Homework

The next time you meet a student, ask them about their dreams.

The stress they are experiencing immediately disappears.

Watch Video — Click Here

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt

17 thoughts on “You Can Do College Event

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    1. Thank you Barbara! Students are so open to new ideas, making the experience rewarding for all of us! Grateful to have found my purpose early on. Now it’s my turn to pay it forward! 📚💙

    1. That’s exactly what the teachers said at the event! I explained that the best way to motivate students (and ourselves) is to start from a place of positivity. Our dreams! Only then can students understand why they need to work hard. Drive ultimately comes from inside. ✨

  1. A very empowering moment for me was graduating last June, and making the presidents list to boot (if you don’t mind me patting myself on the back)! Being a student was a great experience. Kudos to you for your empowerment work!

    1. Thanks Peter! I always knew I wanted to work with students. I just wasn’t sure of the medium. Starting out as a school psychologist, then eventually applying my love for fostering student success in the classroom itself. 📚💙

  2. I love the work you do to inspire young minds. As a college student trying to pursue my dream and shape my career, I am personally very grateful for people like you who gave me that little extra spark when I needed it. :))

    1. Such a beautiful note. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Knowing my posts help ignite the fire in you makes all the time it takes to write worthwhile. Wishing you patience and purpose as you complete your winter semester. Everything you have learned since grade one has prepared you for this moment. You got this! Thrive on! 🌟💫

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