Just what the doctor ordered.

What if…

What if your doctor prescribed dancing as a fitness activity instead of time on a treadmill or at the gymnasium. Would you be more likely to follow through if exercise was fun and uplifting?

This doctor’s prescription for today:



Which is why I love the commercial below.

It’s a great reminder that getting healthy doesn’t have to be arduous.

It can be so much fun!

Families who dance together stay healthy together.”

Dance inspires me to stand up, shake it off, and bust a move. 🎉💃

What about you?


What inspires you to follow a healthy lifestyle? 

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20 thoughts on “Just what the doctor ordered.

Add yours

  1. Love love love dancing. Any excuse and I’m there. Whether it’s a Zumba class or shaking it up in my lounge room, nothing energises me and makes me feel as good. Definitely the best medicine. 💃🙂

  2. Music inspires me. And sometimes it inspires me enough to dance — if no one’s around! Otherwise it’s taking walks. Love being outdoors taking a very long walk.

    1. “If no one’s around!”


      The best dances are the solo ones in the aisles (or the washrooms) of an empty bookstore when your favourite song comes on. A secret dance between you & the universe..

      Ok.. now you know all my secrets..


  3. Great post. Cute ad. I wonder how healthy the Cheerios are, though. Perhaps the dancing makes up for it. Dancing would be a great way to stay fit.

  4. Love this! I love to dance and have been known to crank up the music and dance throughout the house while cleaning. It makes chores much more enjoyable! Music and dance make life fun! Thanks for posting this.

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