Shifting from anxiety to excitement.


They say we only use 5-10% of our brain’s full potential.

A statement I tend to agree with.

Know thyself.

Understanding ourselves better, including our brains, is always the first step in tapping into what’s possible, within, and all around us.


Hacking the brain.

Did you know that fear and excitement share the same set of neurotransmitters, including dopamine, glutamate, and acetylcholine.

  • Opposite emotions. Identical neurotransmitters.
  • Same neural activity. Different cognitive appraisal.

And the best way to shift from performance anxiety to excitement is to say one sentence on repeat.


Journal of Experimental Psychology. 2014, Volume 143

Watch my latest YouTube video “Shifting from anxiety to excitement” to discover the simple phrase for shifting out of nervousness during high anxiety situations.

And learn why telling someone to “calm down” when they’re anxious rarely works.

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One small change.. 🧠

Changes everything.

60 thoughts on “Shifting from anxiety to excitement.

  1. Absolutely fascinating, Dr. Dinardo! This is the first time I’ve heard of the 2014 study.

    It strikes me as very significant for more than one reason. Not only is it of practical use, but it collaborates other studies showing how the same neurotransmitter can evoke seemingly different emotions due to the brain’s appraisal of it.

    I’ve got a young friend who could really benefit from this information since he’s somewhat skeptical of positive psychology.

    Thank you so much for posting this.

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    1. Thanks for the feedback Paul! And you are correct when you say skepticism falls away when faced with scientific proof.

      Cheers to a week filled with excitement and new adventures! Life’s too short to be sidelined by negative appraisal.

      “Look for the good” and you will find it..


  2. I’ll try this with my daughter, she’s got two wobbly teeth and they’re very wobbly and the new ones are coming.

    Whenever I ask her to let me help her pulling them out, her screams reach the end of the road 😂.

    She wasn’t like that before. She didn’t even notice that Ipulled them out. I’ll try this one.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    1. I always love hearing when fellow bloggers are reminded of their own toolkit / strengths when reading a post of mine.

      And as you write above, the idea of renaming anxiety as excitement “has helped me when I remember to reframe my anxious moments.

      Let this little note be another reminder to stay in the joy / excitement zone! 😉

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  3. My brain is currently under construction. I have a huge life change that happened not in my control so I’m still picking up pieces and putting things back together. I’m also retraining my brain. I find that the extra effort I’m spending is so helpful and healing so thankful for that! Love your posts as always ❤


  4. “Death and life are in the power of the tongue “ proverbs 18: 21

    I’m beginning to think scriptures were actually pages from self-help books 😊

    I’m going to try this the next time I feel an emotional eating binge is about to hit! Thank you!

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    1. The proverbs are my favourite. And what a perfect choice Mel. Wishing you excitement and positivity the next time temptation strikes. One thing I know for sure is how strong you are. In spirit, body, and mind. Which is why… that cupcake (tray) has nothing on you!

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    1. My pleasure! Thank you for taking the time to read the post and watch my 2 minute video. I’m trying to change it up a bit on my blog, in order to capture the hearts and minds of my millennial students. Short videos seem to do the trick! That said, writing will always be my first love.

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  5. Pingback: A strange affirmation for anxiety – Jennifer Anne Robinson

    1. Thanks Bella! Affirmations are a wonderful form of reframing. I use them too. And they work beautifully.

      I also wanted to express my gratitude for taking the time to read the post and watch my 2 minute video. I’m trying to change it up a bit on my blog, in order to capture the hearts and minds of my millennial students. Short videos seem to do the trick! That said, writing will always be my first love.

      Have a wonderful week!
      Andrea xo

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  6. I’ve used this inconsistently throughout adulthood. Never knew why it worked. I considered it a pep talk to myself. It’s pleasing to discover there’s science behind it. Now that I’m aware, I’m instituting its regular use. Thanks for another excellent tip. Cheers

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      1. Thank you, doctor. I enjoy and appreciate your posts, in return. I’ve learned much about myself as I’ve matured. Chief among these are adjustment and coping mechanisms, and that, like my body, my mind, emotions, and attitudes aren’t static. It’s all amazingly dynamic. I always need more information to try to understand myself. It’s not a bad thing, but intriguing.

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  7. This was my first time watching one of your videos and I was so happy that I did. Clear and to the point. Loved it and I will try it myself. I had heard of this a while back but didn’t really think that it would work. By understanding the why behind it, I find I am more likely to try something. Thank you so much!

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    1. Thanks for reading Diane! And for your input. I especially appreciate your feedback on my video. I’m trying to change it up a bit on my blog, in order to capture the hearts and minds of my millennial students. Short videos seem to do the trick! Andrea 🙂

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  8. This is so cool, Andrea!! Firstly, I love your video and how you present. You have a calm, enthusiastic presence that’s contagious (joyfully). Also, I love the simple message to say “I’m excited.” as a way to reframe what’s going on in the brain. I knew that anxiety and excitement were caused by the same neurotransmitters, AND this affirmation is new to me. Thank you.

    Lots of loving. Keep going!

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    1. You always know how to add pep to my step! Thanks so much Debbie. For watching the video, reading the post, and for your very encouraging feedback. Especially considering how long you’ve been successfully Blogging AND Vlogging. May your weekend be filled with joy and excitement! 💃❤️


  9. Dr. Helen Diane Wood

    What a perfect, effective strategy to implement in so many situations. I will use it myself and informally with others. Keeping current with the research makes you
    a very effective professor Dr. D. ❤️❤️Dr. Di. Loved your inspirational video

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