How do I motivate myself when I feel completely lost?


The word motivation stems from the Latin word “movere” which means to move. Which is why MOMENTUM is such a powerful force when it comes to motivation. Motivation doesn’t happen before the creative act — it happens during.

Small steps.
Day by day.
Week by week.
Moving you forward.
Closer to your dreams.
Just show up.


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40 thoughts on “How do I motivate myself when I feel completely lost?

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  1. Love this simple sentiment of just ‘showing up.’ So easy to get caught up in operating at 100% ++ each day that we miss the simplicity of just being. As always, thank you for your little reminders xoxo

    1. Exactly Professor! Just being as we authentically are – gives our students permission to do the same. Especially in November, the lull in the semester, when “just show up” becomes our daily mantra. 😉 xo #justbe

  2. Yes, one of the most powerful aspects of myself that I’ve learned is to just show up.

    I’m prone to overthinking and over-analyzing. Those activities just add stress and deplete energy. I’ve learned, push past that curtain and curtail those traits. Just show up, and — as some company urges — just do it. It’s a great way of bringing down the dams that keep me from moving forward. Once I’m started, yes, momentum carries me on.

    Part of my writing process for just showing up is to take a walk to shift my thinking. That also creates new expectations for what is going to happen and what I’m going to do. I sit down with a cup of coffee and the computer, turn on the latter, and let it boot up. Then I open the necessary docs, take a few deep breaths, and tell myself, “Okay, time to write and rock.” Sometimes I resist, answering, “Yeah, screw that,” to which I answer, “Oh, yeah? Screw you.” Then I say, “Oh, go screw yourself,” and laugh at the silliness of it all. That helps shut down that part of self resisting the writing, and so, I begin.

    I’ve learned that I must be many things for myself, from teacher, mentor, and coach to con-man, psychologist, and task master. The tricks that worked yesterday or last week lose their edge. Sometimes new tricks and approaches need to be found and explored. Just as you mentioned in stress, motivation is often situational, even when it’s the same job to be done.

    Thanks for another enlightening post. Cheers

    1. Michael, you are incredible. Time after time, you reflect deeply on my ideas, and then share the multitude of ways that it applies in your own life and others. Please know how much I appreciate you taking each post to the next level. A lesson for us all. Every single time. Thank you! Andrea

  3. So great, Andrea. Small steps taken consistently over time make such a difference. I’m aware of this practically with just how much more compassionate I am with myself after practicing forgiveness for all this time.

    You are incredible – thank you for sharing your tools with us. They are simple and full of wisdom and caring. 🙂

    Love, Debbie

    1. You have a knack for always bring a smile to my face. Thanks Debbie! For your kind words and for sharing examples of how this post applies in you life too. Have a wonderful rest of the week! Andrea xo

  4. JUST SHOW UP. Very practical. Especially because motivation doesn’t always show up when you need it.

    Sometimes it oversleeps when you’re making the concerted effort to get out of bed and get on with working on your goal, and you have to wait for it to catch up to you.

  5. I realised I hadn’t seen a post from you in a while Andrea and I just had to come find you, so I ‘showed up’ and what a helpful post to ‘show up’ for! Energy is always a challenge for me but this simple but effective reminder to move and just ‘show up’ makes it more achievable! Funnily I joined a chair yoga class just last week, gentle exercises – seems like a contradiction! It didn’t require much energy but it was well worth ‘showing up’for! Hope you are well, much love, Marie.

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