Stay Open to the Possibilities

Embrace Uncertainty


One of my favourite ways to energize before teaching psychology classes at St. Clair College is to summarize a theory in practical and concrete ways in the parking lot.

Literally! 🚘 

filmed this video 5 minutes before I was about to teach a lecture on personality and positive psychology in my liberal arts class.

Just a few weeks before all St. Clair College classes went fully online due to COVID-19.

In the video above, I talk about the connection between openness and happiness. Openness to experience is one of the Big 5 Personality traits – see figure below.


Why Openness?

The more open, adventurous, and flexible we are in our thinking (and being), the more likely we are to perceive ambiguity as a pathway to something new and exciting.

A whole new road, yet to be discovered.


Today’s Psychology Lesson

We never know what’s waiting on the other side of COVID uncertainty.

So let’s stay open to the possibilities. 

Trust and believe in our shared journey. 

Even if we can’t see the outcome. 

Together in faith, anything is possible!


Video of Post ⇒ Click Here

27 thoughts on “Stay Open to the Possibilities

Add yours

    1. Most excellent! As a positive psychology expert, my intention is to help people see the possibilities, no matter the darkness. As this is where we find the FUEL to MOVE FORWARD and energize. If only one moment a time. Everything adds up! 🔥

    1. That’s amazing! What year is she in? Please share my blog and TEDx Talk (both called Thriving Under Pressure – link to TEDx below) with her. As my hope is to help students like her learn about psychology life skills while learning about psychology work skills.

      Please send her my best! I am rooting for her, you, and all the incredible students out there.

      #inthistogether ☀️🌎💛

  1. Yep, the universe is indeed the ultimate event planner (although I might be tempted to substitute God, but then that gets a bit complicated). And making peace with that is, well, the only way to be at peace.

    1. Yes Mitch! To all ^ of this. (I get the complicated part.. ) God. Universe. Mother Nature. COVID (because if you truly believe, it all came from the same place). The key is to trust in something BIGGER than us. In whatever form it takes. I believe.❤️❤️

  2. Hello Doctor Andrea,

    A stout message for the now, coupled with your inimitable enthusiasm and sincerity, to say nothing of your vast experience.

    I attended a course at Stellenbosch University in the early 1980’s and one of our lecturers produced a video called, “Adapt or Die.”

    What he predicted in that video came to pass some years later, but what has stuck with me all these years is the title. I know it sounds a little harsh, and maybe it is better put, “Adapt to today’s changes and reap opportunities for tomorrow.”

    Either way it is truth. Thank you and keep feeding us your special brand of mental health food.

    1. Thank you Peter!

      ADAPT OR DIE is a mantra that I live by. And just as you wrote “it may sound harsh”.. I always attach that to my lectures and writings when I include this quote.

      But I cannot imagine a more fitting and true definition for resilience than this. And how amazing that your lecturer produced the video in the 1980’s!

      Grateful for your kind words and encouragement. They mean more than you could possibly know.

      Doctor Andrea 💓

    1. Love hearing from you Dr. G! Openness is the opposite of F E A R. Connecting with a supportive friend like you gives me the strength and the faith to welcome what’s next. This ^ is what keeps me going. Grateful to share the path with you! 🌎💞

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