Manage energy not time. Positive energy multiplies.

This was my first video blog (vlog) ever!  (Filmed July 2018) I was equal parts terrified and excited. Hence the breathlessness. Upside: I had a blast filming it

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post. It made me laugh how you sound out of breath but your eyes are full of energy. I don’t have a lot of energy naturally in spite of me being positive and having a healthy diet, etc. I manage it by knowing when to take a step back and like you say becoming aware of a situation. That in turn give me a chance to reevaluate the moment. Later I can reflect on these moments and that can give me some energy as I’m aware that I can be aware…

    1. Thanks for watching the video!

      My husband John said the same thing about my breathlessness. It was the first video blog (vlog) that I recorded (filmed last summer) and I was both scared and excited! You are definitely in tune with my vibes. 💥🕺

      On an equally energetic note — I love your strategy described in your comment above. Taking a step back helps so much. It gives our flight or flight system a chance to calm down. And in turn, we’re able to save our energy for what truly counts.

      “I’m aware that I can be aware…”


  2. I know that I don’t always have the same amount of energy so I use systems like ones created by the lady who invented hormonology or the spoon theory. Hormonology is using your natural cycle to figure out when is the best time to do certain jobs. The spoon theory is an idea that allows others to know that you are lacking in energy on a particular day or if your saving energy for a planned occasion.

    1. Two incredible strategies Athena!

      I was explaining the spoon theory to my sister a few months ago. She had a stroke when she was 19 years old and as a result, experiences energy depletion for simple, daily tasks that we all take for granted.

      The Spoon theory helps her visualize what energy she needs to keep for the basics of life (showering, cooking, cleaning) and understand what she may or may not have left over – for socializing, family issues, and other things that healthy people take for granted.

      A great video for readers who want to learn about Spoon Theory – applicable to everyone, but especially those with physical and mental health challenges:

      1. A friend who has fibromyalgia told me about spoon theory and it’s very useful. Hormonology is one lady’s attempt for women to live their lives more in sync with there cycles as there always going to be there so we may as well try to live our best most productive lives.

  3. Hi Andrea,
    This post came just at the right time for me. Energy levels low at present but really trying to spend it well & still having to have afternoon lie downs as I have increased my activities since my lingering cold virus. I am a morning person

  4. You have so much energy it comes across.

    These days my energy is low, keep failing ill. But, I agree energy is currency and it adds to health.

    Meditation always brings me back in track. But, when I am physically unwell it goes to pot.

    I agree food , exercise, and good company play a part.

    I think you are a fab teacher, I cant recall from school to uni if I ever had such wonderful teacher as you .

    Thank you for a great post and the energy audit and 100 units, really useful too. Because then we can be energy wise.

    Have a great rest of the week.

    1. Bella! You are so good to me. Thank you for sharing your own energetic practices and for taking the time to watch and reflect on the energy audit practice in my video. Wishing you 100 units and more. All day long! xo

  5. While I agree with all that you’ve posted — and it’s informative and helpful, as I always find your posts — I recently developed a new facet to being more positive, energetic, and productive.

    I’m not certain how I came up with this, but it’s a simple action of telling myself what I expect to happen. For example, when approaching my writing session, I tell myself, “I expect to seize this book, know it, and write it.” That has helped enormously, creating a sustained spike in productivity, so I’ve applied it to other activities.

    The mind is an amazing, powerful tool. There’s so much more to learn about how it can influence our lives in positive ways.


    1. What a great strategy Michael!

      – I will try it myself today as I am working on another article for my psychology column with The Drive Magazine. A blank page can be so intimidating. Which is why a mantra such as yours: “I expect to seize this book, know it, and write it.” can make all the difference. The mind is indeed powerful.

      – Hope you have a chance to try my ENERGY AUDIT technique too. It’s about 90 seconds into my video. It helps with writing productivity too.

      Combining our ideas = Writing magic!

      1. I haven’t watched the video yet. It’s a funny thing. Yesterday, I thought that I’d not seen anything from Thriving Under Pressure recently, so I’ll check her site today. Then, there was a post in my overflowing email this morning. I happened to check it out while on a writing break in the coffee shop, so I pinned the tab to watch it with more attention later and do the Energy Audit. It intrigues me.


  6. Wonderful video Andrea. Your energy, even through your breathlessness (which I found endearing) positively radiated through it. I love the idea that energy is like currency and that we all have a choice as to how we spend it every day. ✨

    1. Thanks Miriam!

      I was equal parts excited and equal parts terrified when I filmed that video (my first very first vLOG filmed last summer). Hence the breathlessness. I was trying to figure out how to get all that information into a short video.

      And it sounds like I did! Thanks to your encouraging feedback. And from what I’ve learned since then about ‘youtube-ing” – the first take is always the best take, as every other filming attempt always brings me back to the first video shot. The most authentic (and fun) of them all.

      Something you would know very well as a master photographer!

      p.s. It’s hard to believe that we live on opposite ends of the earth. You so get me! From Canada to Australia & Back Again!

  7. I had not seen this video before Andrea but your joie de vivre sure shines through. I am a little low in energy this week but I have had two glorious spells in the garden, and this afternoon I am going for a reflexology treatment. It always perks me up.

    1. Thanks Brigid! Even though it was the filmed in the summer, yesterday was the first time I posted it publicly on my blog. Your response energizes me! 💥🕺

      I love what perks you up! Self knowledge and awareness truly is the first step. Few people tune into their own biorhythms and energy flow. And equally allowing ourselves to ebb & flow, highs & lows in the flow of our energy — without judgement or attachment.

      This week was a low energy week for me too. Which encouraged me to set a “no goal week”. Nothingness is its’ own meditation. A place to cultivate renewed peace and energy. Something you find so beautifully in your Irish garden and reflexology treatments.

      The journey and life lessons in the importance of slow chronicled exquisitely in your book 📗💚🍃

      Enjoy your reflexology Brigid!

  8. It’s been a while since I saw you post Andrea or maybe I just missed your post, either way it was lovely to see your post today! My spoons are low because life happens! Parent being ill since mid January, in hospital 40 mins away and now awaiting bed in hospital 2.5 hours away. Pacing as best I can. Siesta most days if possible too! Accupuncture also helps. Great post, endearing vlog! Le grà, Marie xx

    1. Thank you Marie! For your feedback on my vlog! And for your detailed and insightful commentary.

      Sorry to hear about your family situation, on top of everything else. Pacing yourself is critical in times like this. And taking the time for acupuncture, and a good siesta. All essential for your mental and physical health = Energy!

      May your spoons replenish themselves in unexpected, wonderful ways this weekend.

      Andrea xx

  9. You are speaking my language! With a chronic illness, we get so much energy per day, when it’s gone… that’s it for the day. Of course, we don’t get to start off the day with the same amount as a healthy person. It is no less important to understand and use your energy wisely! ~k.

    1. Your insights about energy management are especially important for this post. Thanks so much for sharing Kim!

      My sister also has a chronic medical condition that limits her energy levels. So it’s more important than ever that she maximize the energy she has.

      Enjoy your weekend!
      Andrea ☀️

      1. For the past two months or so, Doc, I’ve been rediscovering the power of a muse to energize our creative sides. In fact, I’m dangerously close to overload because — unbidden — I now have two muses in my life. Hence, I am experiencing the most intense, the most sustained, period of poetic creativity and energy that I can recall. What do you make of muses?

        1. I am 100% about the muse! I find her/him/they everywhere! My students my ultimate muse and my greatest source of inspiration. In fact they are the reason I started this blog!

          I need your creative muse today. I have a writing deadline for a magazine that I’m now writing for – and the perfectionism anti-muse bug was getting to me.

          No more! Thanks to you Paul!

  10. It makes me so happy to hear that I’ve stood with you in battle against one of those insufferably arrogant perfectionist dragons! Let’s get busy today making beautiful necklaces for our respective audiences of its claws and its teeth! And I hear tell their tales are pretty tasty cooked up right! Whether to roast or fry? That is the question..

  11. Hello Andrea,
    Thank you for your first video blog. It’s a wonderful one, with such truth. I love that you admitted to being nervous via your breathlessness. It just shows that every new venture can create fear, even though you stand in front of many many people every week. This in itself is a huge help, at least for me…
    And I must now go to seek out about the spoon theory above. I certainly feel less than able to handle people when I’m tired and must make allowances for that. Then I’m down on myself for being ‘less than’ what I can be.
    Thank you for the 100% idea too.
    A great post, and sorry I missed it at the time…

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and watch the accompanying video. Unique and insightful reflections on this important topic. You Dianne, energize me in so many wonderful ways. Grateful for you. Always 🌸💗

      1. Dear Andrea, thank you for such a lovely reply. That means a lot coming from you🙏🏼
        Grateful to you too…
        Sending love 💕💐

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