CPR: Sustainable Resilience & Mental Health Habits


The ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level.

Catch Pause Repair (CPR) is a Framework for Sustainable Mental Health & Resilience Habits.

CPR includes three simple steps as outlined in the video below:

1. Catch

Catch yourself before a stress response escalates by becoming more aware of what triggers you.

2. Pause

Pause and take a 60 second time out when you feel the physical sensations of stress begin to escalate.

3. Repair

Repair the root source of the heightened stress response which is often physiological in nature.

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Supporting Student Health

Requested by

The CPR Presentation  was developed for the St. Clair College Student Sustainability Group as part of their initiative for supporting the health and wellbeing of college staff, faculty, and students.

New Opportunity

This was the first time I’ve been approached to make a video for a third party. And it was so much fun!

33 thoughts on “CPR: Sustainable Resilience & Mental Health Habits

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    1. Thanks Brad! I wanted to create a technique for students that could be sustained over time. “Simple things on repeat.” I heard CPR used in a different setting on a Netflix Show and the idea grew from there. Literally & Metaphorically! 🍃💡

  1. The CPR technique is amazing–being aware of my triggers is a challenge! Too often I find myself triggered before I even realize it’s happening! I guess that’s why we’re a work in progress! Thanks for these great ideas, my friend.

    1. My pleasure Dayle! Love knowing my ideas found a home. Writing down your Top 3 triggers BEFORE they arrive helps tremendously. This is part of the “C” in CPR technique that is outlined in full detail on the video. 🌍💚🍃

  2. Fresh air. Yes. I work from home quite a bit and I hadn’t realized until recently that sometimes, with the exception of going to the gym, I don’t really go outside. I have to build this into my routine, I think.

    1. Here’s your CPR repair prescription:

      10 minutes twice a day sitting on the front porch.

      Fresh Air. Blue Sky. Open Eyes.

      As Dr. Phil would say #noexcuses

      Especially when you live in Florida Dr. G!

      🌴 🌥 💗 🌍

    1. Thanks VJ!

      All tried & true (lab rat here)

      We put the CPR to good use this weekend especially. With all of us having colds, we were a bit more more “triggery” than usual. Using CPR often and found Space & Time to be the REPAIR remedy most often needed… 🤒☺️

    1. But of course!

      Watch the video & try it for yourself. I have several YouTuber’s using the CPR technique & even making a video of their own experiences moving from Catch to Pause to Repair.

      Experience is everything!
      Try it & Let me know how it goes.

  3. Very helpful, thanks for sharing! I struggle with these issues a lot, and trying to find ways to just enjoy the moment and let go of my worries and bodily sensations of fear and feeling different from others. Great tips!

    1. Thanks so much Mita!

      I hope you also have a chance to watch the video too. I give specific examples of applying Catch Pause Repair (CPR) in daily life.

      Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
      Dr. Andrea

  4. Fantastic video.
    Reading someone else’s handwriting makes it much more personal and so helps make it feel like an everyday practical skill that individual people can try to follow.

    It’s the initial pause bit that I forget until it’s too late. Perhaps it would help to sink in better if I replay it in my head (kind of re-writing the scenario) and remove the urgency by telling myself I can come back to this in 10.

    Unless there’s a lion chasing me it doesn’t have to do sorted right now!

    I suppose what I’m trying to say it it’s easy to live on autopilot.

    But this has been a good reminder that I need to look at the trigger points and find a way to remember what this journal says, and pause.

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