Rethink Time in COVID-19


I find the perception of time fascinating.

Everyone experiences time differently.

Because time truly is relative.

Changing from situation to situation.

For example:

Time perception also varies from person to person.

For example:

Type A versus Type B

Time Defines Us

Taken one step further, time defines who we are, and ultimately who we become.

How we live our days is how we live our lives.

Moments → Hours → Days → Months → Lifetimes


Mindful Time Management

Which is why the more conscious and aware we become about how we spend and prioritize our time, the more meaningful and satisfying our lives will become.

Time is Money Video

Concrete Examples of Time Usage

Rethink Time

Identify 5 ways you spend 100 units (dollars) of time each day. (As illustrated in the video)

  • For example: gardening (20 units), reading (20 units), writing (20 units), cooking (20 units), complaining (20 units)

Compare and contrast your “money time sheet” with family and friends.

When does time slow down for you? When does time speed up for you?

  • Do you lose “track” of time easily?
  • Is time something you consciously pay attention to?

Are you more influenced by external measures of time?

  • Or an internal “sense” of time?

internal clock.

Has your use of time changed since COVID?

Has your perception of time changed with age?

  • If so how?

The trouble is, you think you have time.

Jack Kornfield

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23 thoughts on “Rethink Time in COVID-19

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  1. Making this concept concrete is a great idea.

    I’ve been fortunate enough not to get caught up in this Covid time warp. I think it’s because one of the effects of losing my mom so early in life is that I told myself we really don’t have a lot of time. In that way, I’ve kind of lived my life the opposite lol as if today, literally could be my last, so I try very hard not to ‘waste’ time, especially on a few of the things you’ve mentioned in the video, if that makes sense.

    Time really is currency ❤

    1. Dr. G! You just made my day! Your examples and life experiences underscore all these ideas. It’s like we are truly next door. Enjoying a cup of coffee on the front porch.

      It’s so compelling how you shared the early trauma of losing your mom. As research by neuro-physiologists shows that our emotions affect our awareness of the passing of time (link to article below).

      Trauma and adversity “wake us up” to what truly matters. So you living your life backwards is brilliant! (Book idea in that I am sure!).

      I look forward to weaving all these ideas into our video interview in July! And finally meeting my twin pen pal professor “virtually” face to face. ❤❤

      1. LOL yes we’re only separated by the illusion of space and TIME 😉

        You know I’m going to run right over and read this article! And ooohhh nooo! I thought we were meeting in June. Either way 🙂 I’m looking forward to our conversation.

  2. Time always seems to speed up when on vacation, yet it seems to take forever to get there. The funny part is that the build-up is almost better than the time away in that it is something to always look forward to… that’s why we always have a trip in the works–well, except for now that is. In due time. Patience, right? Meanwhile, there are many other things to look forward as spring gets underway and outside prospects look better.

    1. Excellent Points Sue! I love how specific your examples are. Underscoring the individual differences in time perception.

      Let me know how the video below relates to how you “spend your time” ($100 units of time) throughout a typical 24 hour day.

      I would love to know! #TimeIsMoney

      1. I’m finding the volume on the video to be quite low… could well be our speaker system, though. It could also be my hearing… I am getting older. 😉 😉

  3. Interesting post, Andrea. Clearly time has different meaning for each of us. I used to try and squeeze eighteen hours out of a day, and then illness brought me to a full stop. With limited energy, I try to make the most of my good hours but creating a weekly routine – Monday, I work on blog posts and instagram, Tuesday is art day, and so on. When COVID first struck, we were glued to the television, but that got old fast, and now we try to go about our day as usual.

    1. You bring up so many interesting points VJ.

      Illness has a profound impact on time.

      Have you read about the spoon theory of time and individuals with a disability? (Link below)

      This theory ^ enhanced my empathy and compassion for my sister’s disabilities and how 90% of her time / energy is used up with basic necessities, leaving little left over to open bills and do grocery shopping on any given day.

      I also appreciate and can relate to how my husband and I were also glued to the news in March with COVID-19 first hit home, taping three different news shows a day.

      Now we use our time / prioritize / on staying healthy in mind, body and spirit. The best defense of all! 🌸

  4. Our judgments influence many more things than time.

    My feeling is that time is man made

    Wrap yourself around the concept of being late. Can we catch up if we are late. Awareness leaves us when we feel like we are late.

    Does time slow down when we let thoughts fade? Is time linked to happiness? Is there a time when happiness is more available. Midnight maybe?

    Work week or vacation week

    Does your judgment think happiness inhabits one more than the other?

    Now as an old Geezer there is no work week

    Time changes drastically for us as we age

    In college we thought 35 was old

    Times have changed, no?

    Now we start thinking how much time we have left

    1. Excellent points. Thanks so much for sharing Marty! Reflecting and comparing insights is my favourite part of blogging. And you always give me food for thought. Exactly what my brain needs right now. New ideas!

  5. Excellent topic to write about Doctor!

    Unlike money, time can’t be earn, that’s why we waste it.

    If time is also like money then believe me, we would value it much more than we value it is now.

    1. I love your analogy for time and money.

      Have you watched the video yet?

      I am curious about how you would spend your $100 / units of money each day?

      What are your top 5 priorities?

      Are they the same as the ones I listed in the video ^.

      I’d love to know!

      Dr. Andrea 📖❤️

  6. Wonderful post Andrea & concrete examples in your video. I’ve been enjoying every minute of covid lockdown time (adjusting was probably easier for me as I’m used to the restrictions of fatigue). I have been writing a daily goals list. Some days are more productive than others but I’m living with intention, enjoying our son’s unexpected company being home from college, short daily walks, good food & outdoors, rests, reading. There are many positives to be found among the challenges.

    1. Thank you Marie for all the ways you are turning the unimaginable into IMAGINATION ❤️❤️

      1) Living with intention
      2) Unexpected time with family
      3) Daily strolls
      4) Good food
      5) Fresh air
      6) Rests
      7) Reading

      You have now given us 7 more daily practices on the self-care menu to restore and rejuvenate ourselves during lockdown.

      Thank you for taking the time to watch my video and for continuing to inspire our blogging community. You have illustrated the power of choice in adversity. Coupled with your own health issues, your empowerment message has never been stronger, and more welcome.


      PANDEMIC HAPPENS (fate) the rest is us to us (destiny)!

      1. Thank you Andrea for your lovely affirming response. To paraphrase Viktor Frankl, the last thing that can be taken from us is to chose our attitude in any situation. Le grà, Marie Xx

  7. Being directed on the inside as to how I will spend my time. . . COVID has made me realize that this is not what I do. When I’m not at work, it seems I can’t keep a schedule.

    However, in my “ laziness” I do feel as though I’m accomplishing a lot. I’m just laying around the house all day. . . . I love the time being money analogy.

    Thanks Doc! This was so helpful!

  8. I don’t know if this is true but I read some time ago that the earth is spinning faster and therefore we’re losing a few seconds out the year. I’m giggling now because prior to reading this I felt “time” is rapidly moving by in all aspects of my life. That’s why I decided to take a pause and go on vacation. ☺️

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