Hold the vision. Trust the process.

Create a vision for your life that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning!”


Why Vision Boards in the Classroom

At the beginning of the semester, I ask nursing students to share their reasons “why” they want to become a nurse.

Why this program?

Why Nursing?

This simple “WHY” question gives students insight into what motivates them.

Something I consciously tap into throughout the school year.

Students are enthusiastic about learning at the start of the semester. New textbooks. Colourful notebooks. Dreams still fresh in their minds.


Illuminating lifelong dreams has the most impact midway through the school term.

This is when students truly need a boost in motivation (right about now). This is when I insert their original “Why” vision board into my PowerPoint lecture slides.

Halfway through the semester, students are surprised to see a photo of their own words, projected onto the big screen.

They are instantly drawn back into their reason “Why”.

An animated discussion ensues where students compare their initial motivations with their current state of mind and affairs.

Rekindling their dreams.

Giving them a much-needed reminder as to why they picked their program in the first place

What’s changed?

What’s stayed the same.

And why?

Why Vision Board” in action!

Why vision boards transport students to a higher place, above the stresses of their exams, to a place where all their dreams began.

Boosting their motivation. 

Multiplying their energy.

A simple why? question rejuvenates students every single time.


Reminding students why their dreams matter.

Why school matters.

Why they matter.

Applying this post in your life

Reignite instrinsic motivation in one simple step:

Ask “Why?” you do what you do. Every chance you get!

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15 thoughts on “Hold the vision. Trust the process.

Add yours

  1. I adore this idea and I’m going to put it into practice this evening when I get home. I have been giving my current employment a great deal of thought lately and I think this vision board will help me figure some things out! Perfect for today! ❤ Thank you!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I think with blogging, I sometimes lose track of my intrinsic motivations and occasionally find myself setting extrinsic goals, i.e. likes, follows etc. But while those things can indicate relative success, they distract from the true joy of writing. I may need to make a vision board myself.

    1. I love how you related this post to your own experience as a writer. With social media “markers” it’s so easy to fall into the trap of outside / extrinsic motivators. It feels good at the time. Yet too often these “numbers” take us away from our initial vision as bloggers. That said, what a great idea to design your own vision board for your blog “The Enchanted Outlook”. Let me know how your Why exercise goes! 📝🔍

  3. Excellent.. Creating a vision is so important.. My daughter in her teens created a Vision Book.. within it she put goals, wishes and dreams.. Amazingly after reviewing that book many years later. many of her wishes were fulfilled.. :-)..
    Loved reading the post.

  4. Aaah, the sweet fragrance of wise encouraging words. – thank you, Dr. Andrea. I recall a long time ago, I was afraid to mention to anyone about my dreams, for fear they would mock me. Thankfully my experience has taught me; the mockery of others will never taint the sweet taste of realizing my dreams. I think those of us who are serious dream-believers are those who harvest bounteously. Blessings to you and all your precious students.

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