To change your life, change your habits.

 What’s the one habit you have been vowing to change for good?


What are you waiting for?

The right time?

The right place?

The right person?

Today I challenge you to wait no more.

For now is the right time.

For here is the right place.

And YOU are the right person. 

Helpful Video: How to Embrace Change

13 thoughts on “To change your life, change your habits.

Add yours

  1. Thank you, Andrea! I hear the strength and the loving responsibility of your words!
    I’d like to eat earlier in the morning (i.e., not be putting off breakfast). I am aware of resistance to making the commitment. Right now, I’m just loving myself through it. And I’m definitely improving! ❤ Important to be our own cheerleaders, right?
    Much love,

    1. What a wonderful way to start my day!
      Thank you! The appreciation goes both ways.
      I love the creativity & positivity in your writing.
      Keep doing what you do! The world needs more light.💫🌟

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