Every time we take a long deep breath, we are telling our bodies that we are safe.

Each breath connecting our mind, body, and heart.

Bringing us back to present time.

Dr. Andrea Dinardo Breathing Space

5 Breathing Techniques:

Follow Your Breath Become aware of each inhalation and exhalation. Focus on the sensations you feel as air passes through your nose and throat. When you feel your thoughts drift, gently redirect your attention back to your breath.


Stand Up Straight Posture is especially important for breathing. Being upright enhances the rhythmic movement between the diaphragm and ribs. Hold yourself straight. Shoulders back. Feel the power of your breath.


Think Reassuring Thoughts While Breathing With each breath, think soothing thoughts (“I am inhaling calm”). With each exhalation, imagine that you are expelling your fears and worries (“I am exhaling worry”).

Abdominal Breathing Breathe through your stomach. Start by inflating your belly by inhaling, as if to fill it with air, then swell your chest; as you exhale, first “empty” your stomach, then your chest.

Breathing Quotes - Dr. Andrea Dinardo

Balanced Breathing At the end of each inhalation, pause briefly while slowly counting “1, 2, 3”. Hold the air in. Then slowly exhale counting “1, 2, 3”.

Source: Scientific American


What brings you peace during uncertainty?

What gives you strength?

Breathing Video → Watch Here

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  1. Well, to say it is an uncertainty makes it seem like something similar to life itself.
    Why not, I’ll drink in a deep breath to both gambles.
    Here’s to the possibilities.

    1. OH YES !!

      Here’s to the POSSIBILITIES

      on the other side of CHAOS

      The beauty is 7 billion of us are in it together. From the first breath to the last.

      No one can escape birth or death.

      CV19 is as you say “similar to life itself”


      1. Wait, wait for it, there’s a thought coming out the tunnel and it is: … the only certainty is death and taxes (or is that taxis, but no that can’t be right, for we don’t even have one here in this little town, not a one).

  2. Being ridiculous is an incredible way to decompress as you said in your “laughter heals” video too!

    Laughter, goofy jokes, uncontrollable giggles, belly laughs, anything that lightens the load is a huge gift to everyone.

    You are right — showing up with a huge smile and a “Good morning” or “How’re you doing?” is a wonderful way of showing up.

    1. Wishing you the most radiant morning Dayle! I am back on my blog after taking my own advice.. and some breathing space. May you be well today. And all days. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER. Now more than ever! 🌍💙

  3. It often amazes me how well I know the value of deep breathing, but how often I forget to do this. Maybe that’s why I like singing so much, because I have to breathe deeply when I’m singing. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. I love that you take your breathing space while singing. I can feel the joy in your hear as I type this. Wishing you good health my friend & a whole lot of upbeat tunes. Joy = Resilience 🌍 💙

  4. My husband and I take our dog on two long walks a day. I literally breathe in the blue sky and revel in the sounds of nature. I focus on my sweet little puppy trotting along the path without a care in the world and we always take time to talk (at least 5 feet away 😉) from people we meet along the way.. we share the same concerns, we worry, we laugh and we build a sense of community. These walks are keeping me centered, but it’s my faith in God that gives me strength.

    1. Wishing you a beautiful day amongst the daisies Brigid. I am back on my blog after taking my own advice.. and some breathing space. May you be well today. And all days. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER. Now more than ever! 🌍 💙

      1. Thank you Andrea. I have been unwell since Sunday, with a number of symptoms including tightness in my lungs. No fever so no test. I have asked for prayers on my other social media and I am feeling the benefits already. I hope you and your loved ones stay well. xx

        1. Oh Brigid. I am so sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling well. The level of your empathy & sensitive combined with real life immunity threats right now must be overwhelming. I will pray today, and always for your health. May you have some kind of resolution soon, in both testing and a clean bill of health. Much love 💙

          1. Thank you Andrea. All the prayers have helped and my breathing is much easier today. I am lucky to have so many great friends, a warm home and plenty of food to eat. So many others are not so lucky. Stay well my friend. xx

  5. Thank you, this was incredibly relevant for me in this particular moment!

    I just posted about needing to be able to breathe deeply and relaxedly again, as I’ve been unable to for quite a while because of environmental stress (noise) I couldn’t escape from.

    But I can now, with ear plugs and noise-cancelling headphones. You expressed something I’ve really been thinking!

    1. Thanks for reading & sharing your experience with this post and how it applies to your life Robin. My favourite part of blogging. The connection. 🌍💙

      Wishing you a day filled good health & long deep breaths..

      1. Thank you! Same for me with our connection through blogging! My days have been more-filled with long deep breaths lately 😊

  6. Oh the breath such a misunderstood and overlooked power of ours. Breathing happens on its own.

    It can be short, anxious breaths of fear, long deep breaths of calm or focused slow rhythmic ones.

    Most people do not realize the breath controls the nervous system, can dissipate cortisol and adrenaline

    The breath can either activate of sympathetic nervous system or the brakes, our parasympathetic nervous system.

    Meditation is focus on the breath while letting thoughts and emotions fade.

    In some circles people believe the ability to focus on the breath changes how the brain is wired and works

    1. Thank you for once again sharing your incredible wisdom and life experience Marty! I’m back on my blog after taking my own advice.. and some breathing space. May you be well today. And all days. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER. Now more than ever!

      1. You do such a great job impacting young and old minds alike.

        I feel your passion for giving and teaching.

        You leave a large wake

        That is so close to happiness and a life lived well


          1. Focus in the giving and gratitude.

            Gratitude for the opportunity to be a light, a calming force. You lead by example, by living in the moment, accepting the challenge.

            They watch how you deal with your fear

            Your anxiety

            Anxious people are drawn to the calm, the strength.

            We need not be perfect just do our best and have gratitude for our effort.

            Actions change things, thoughts move nothing

    1. Ahhhh. You are so good to me! Quoting from my “Keep Looking Up” blog post doubles the resiliency. Thank you for this ^ and for being such a vibrant member of my community. Grateful for you, my friend. Today, and always. Hope you are well! xo

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read & participate Syl!

      I’m back on my blog after taking my own advice..
      and some breathing space.

      May you be well today. And all days.


      Now more than ever!🌍💙

      1. You’re welcome, Andrea! Glad to see you back. Thank you for your encouragement and inspiration.
        The world is in need of much healing, love and compassion 🌏💙

    1. Hello Drew! checking in to see how the breathing exercises from my psychology blog are going for you. Needed now more than ever given you live in the epicenter of NYC. Sending you a double dose of feel good healing vibes. Today and Always! Andrea 🌍💙

    1. I bet!

      Double important for you Jen. Especially during COVID.

      Your story underscores how often our best wellness practices come through the door of health challenges.

      Taking a l o n g deeeeep breath with you.

  7. Breathing indicates life…
    deep breathing is good life…

    Calms the mind…relaxes the body…
    can be done anywhere anytime…

    Stay blessed Dr. Andrea 🙏🌹🙏

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