What are you ready to let go of?

This post was inspired by a stressful situation that I couldn’t let go of, long beyond its solution. No matter how hard I tried. Day in day out. The worry would reappear. Then someone close to me suggested “I shed the stress”. And a lightbulb went off. Each time the repetitive thought appeared, I imagined a tree shedding its leaves. A golden leaf for every anxious thought. This visualization process made all the difference. And so did writing about it.  📝🍂


If you had a magic wand, what would you ask to disappear in your life right now?

What would you say good-bye to?

Once and for all.

It could be an emotion. Or a thought.

A relationship. Or a job.

A place or a thing.

Stress management is a shedding process ℘ Not an acquisition project

It’s time to let go of what drains you.

Let go of what holds you back.

Let go of what keeps you down.

It could be a mindset. Or a memory.

A situation. Or an attitude.

Write it down. Shout it out.

Stress management is a shedding process  Not a holding pattern

It’s time to let go of what weighs you down.

Release it to the universe.

Declare your freedom.

Vow to move on and beyond.

Once and for all.

Stress management is a shedding process ℘ Not an endurance test


Shed the stress. Let. It. Fall. 🍂

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  1. “Declare your freedom” – A super inspiring, hitting so close to home post 🙂 Love the idea of ‘declaring our freedom’– that process of taking ownership for the good and the bad and knowing that we have the control to grant ourselves freedom from what haunts/ holds us back.

    Hoping I can take lessons from this post and make a pile of leaves this weekend lol

    Thanks for your awesome insight, always xox

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and write! Your reflections elevate my post and encourage me to reclaim the parts of myself that hit so close to home with you.

      May your weekend be filled with freedom and faith. Knowing deep in your heart that for everything you let go, all that’s been waiting patiently in the wings will take its’ place.


    1. And when the leaves all hit the ground, and take our stress away with them, we’ll make forts out of the leaves, just like we did when we were kids, right? United by nature. My favourite autumn memory. 🍂🧡

  2. What an excellent image for letting go. I love this: “stress management is a shedding process; not a holding pattern.” I literally hold my breath when I’m stressed, worried, anxious. Now, when I remember to breathe, I will also picture the leaves falling.

    1. “Now, when I remember to breathe, I will also picture the leaves falling.”

      And I will picture you in London, the Forest City, surrounded by trees, with a smile in your heart and peace in your being.


      1. Well thank you, but we have moved to the tiny town of St. Mary’s – so you’ll have to picture me there, lol. Actually, we head south in a week – spending winter in the warmth where it’s better for my health.

        1. St. Mary’s is beautiful. I know the town well. I have added the image to my VJ area in my brain. An area that’s filled with poetry, teaching, writing, resilience, strength, and so much heart. xo

          Safe travels south next week!

    1. Thanks Andrew! May your week be filled with peace and zen. Having shed worries like the leaves on a tree. Leaving only space and faith that what will come will come. And what is meant to be will be.

  3. Thank you for this post. I recently ‘shed’ a long term relationship that was weighing me down. Neither party had made a lot of effort to keep the relationship fresh and just being longterm does not a friendship make. It was a difficult process for me, and I began to feel bad about it after the fact. However, when I am honest I felt used and a convenience to this other person. That is not a good feeling, so I must adjust. Thank you again.

    1. Good for you Barbara. It takes courage to live the life you were destined to live. You were born to love and to be loved fully, completely. And it is no doubt that we have to let go of the good (mediocre) to make room for the great. My heart is with you as you make the transition between now and not yet. The discomfort is worth the outcome. I speak from experience. 😊

    1. I love how you framed the affirmations as progress.
      So important during the letting go process.
      As too often we feel stuck.
      Instead, break it down into baby steps / “releases”.
      With each release moving us one step closer to freedom.

  4. Loved your topic, title, words and photos! Why is it that some of us hold onto memories like souvenirs and others leave behind scorched earth? Perhaps, the residual stress is something unresolved that needs to be closed?? Like in a musical piece that doesn’t resolve to the root key leaving you to go crazy! Ha! Bravo!

    1. “Why is it that some of us hold onto memories like souvenirs and others leave behind scorched earth?”

      Great question!

      There are 2 kinds of people in this world.

      The controlled and the controlling.

      Perhaps the controlled hold on as a type of ‘power’ in times where they don’t have any..

      Monday thoughts.. 🙂

  5. Sounds a lot like surrendering!

    Give over to the greater powers those things that you worry over but can’t control, and watch the universe resolve them for everyone’s highest good. But you do have to be willing, at your deepest level to do thiis “letting go”.

    Great post Dr.!!

    1. “But you do have to be willing, at your deepest level to do this “letting go”.”

      So true about the willingness to let go & surrender. Realizing that this is one of the biggest choices we have in the course of a day — and in a lifetime. Helps us take our power back.

      Surrender is the ultimate prayer.

  6. Been visiting the park and seeing the trees gradually shedding their leaves. Some branches are bare, others have leaves mixed with green & brown & the remaining branches are brown. A metaphor for my life in general with total clearance in some areas, partial clearance with a fear of fading and gradual fading in others.

    1. Thank you for sharing Margaret. I love how you have taken this post and made it yours. I feel like I am with you as you walk through the forest of your life. Vibrant & alive. Letting go & moving on. This is you!

    1. Thank you Miriam! Wonderful knowing the post resonates with you. Especially given your travel photography.

      The coolest part is that living in Australia, you are on the opposite season to us in Canada. Yet, we’re always connected through nature & writing.

      May you shed your stress Miriam like the leaves on the trees. All month long. 🙂

      1. Thank you Andrea, that’s a beautiful thought and one that I’ll keep in mind. I have a cast on my arm for the next six weeks and it’s absolutely forced me to slow down, which is not always easy to do.
        Yes, I love that we’re all connected, no matter where we are. xx 🙂

          1. Aren’t you kind. My arm is doing ok, it’s now out of the sling. My wrist and thumb is now in a splint. Two weeks down, four to go. Thanks for checking in Andrea. Have a lovely weekend. 💕

  7. Happy Thanksgiving coming up, Andrea! I also listened to your YouTube video. Claim your prize! I will ponder that for 2018. You are so good about posting regularly. 🙂 Love hearing your positivity as always!

    1. Thank you for watching my latest video Ipuna! 🙂

      I am especially grateful for your encouragement over the years as fellow bloggers and nursing professors.

      I breathe in every kind word you write, and release it back to the world tenfold.

      Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving with your family in Nevada!

      May your blessings multiply as the years go by. xo

  8. Hello Dr. Dinardo,
    I love your analogy as well as the quote you included from Rumi. It’s so hard to drop thoughts that circle in our minds. It’s Autumn where I am and I love watching the leaves flutter away from the tree. A lovely new way to see it now…
    I have to also add here that I watched your TED talk. One of my favourite platforms. Thank you for sharing your link. What an honour for you and you were outstanding. Both in presentation and in your message. Congratulations 💐💞

    1. Beautiful reflection Dianne.
      Thank you for sharing. xo

      Thanks also for watching my TEDx!
      You are so generous in your feedback.
      Means a lot!

      Feel free to share my TEDX too.
      The more I can help thrive, the better!

      Warm Wishes,
      Andrea xo

      1. Hello Dr Dinardo,
        You’re very welcome. Thank you for a lovely reply.
        I am not yet back to blogging here so I checked to see if I could share you on facebook. But I see you have no fb presence. Perhaps I can create a post on insta in the coming weeks.
        I do love the message you share, and it resonates hugely with me…
        I’ll see what I can do.
        Warm regards,
        Dianne 😘😘

  9. Very good post! We need this even more with all the stress built up form being home bound and all the effects that has brought. It will take a lot of letting go to move into a new normal!

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