From darkness comes light

“Not until we are lost do we begin to find ourselves.”482817-Strength-through-adversity_banner

No matter what happens today, know that in the end everything works out.

Trust me. I speak from experience.

My smile comes equally from a place of darkness and a place of light.

How would I ever know how good I have it today — if I hadn’t lived a life of challenge and adversity.

And the best part is that I get to revisit my twenties every single day.

A time where many of my life lessons were born.

Listening and learning with my psychology students on campus.

And staying in touch for years to come.

I will always be grateful for the tough times in my life — for this is where my strength lies.


I believe the same for you.

You are a diamond in the making.

This I know for sure. 💞💎

This blog post was created for all the students around the world writing final exams this week. Cheering them on! Encouraging them to not give up. This post is also meant for you – My Fellow Students of Life.

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33 thoughts on “From darkness comes light

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  1. In the book Survivor Personality, one of the findings that surprised the author was people who made it through a concentration camp, Bataan death march or the rugby team crash in the Andes, would not change their experience.

    The traits they developed to survive have molded their personalities. The experience made them who they are.
    Life is never the same for them.

    1. This is a great example of posttraumaticgrowth (PTG).

      The survivors found meaning in their misery – transmuting their outer pain into their inner power.

      Something you write about so beautifully on your site “PTSD – A Way Out”.

      Thank you for sharing Marty. You elevate my blog once again!

      1. In Viktor Frankl’s book Man’s Search for Meaning

        He says being able to endure hardships without losing hope, has a happy component at its core

        Any man coming out of a concentration camp with his strength must know something

  2. I love that quote on adversity. ❤️❤️
    And I love your posts. I often share them with someone who needs positive vibes in their life.

    1. Cinn, your kind words reward my writing efforts in a myriad of ways. Thank you for passing on the positive vibes with someone who needs it.

      Lifting people up is what I was born to do. More than a job, or anything else – simply writing or smiling or high fiving a lost soul.

      I share my thoughts on life purpose here – watch and share your own – I’d love to know!

  3. This post could have been carved right from the foundation of MY life. Wow! Every single word I read my head was bobbing yes.

    How true oh man how true we do not know who we are until we have lost who we “thought” we were.

    Excellent post, Andrea.
    Thank you for doing the work you do!!

    Bless you!

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