Energy Awareness

What we give energy to impacts everything.





Some drain. Others invigorate.

Awareness is the first step to enhancing vitality.

The goal is to identify the source of energy leaks and peaks.

Where to start?

My interview on FM 105.9 The Region was designed to help people become more conscious of what depletes their energy and what lifts them up on a daily basis.

A health psychology practice that benefits mood, motivation, and mental health.

Rather than focusing on time, which is finite, I suggested to radio host Candace Sampson that we turn our attention to energy management, which in turn expands the amount of time we have.

Because when we feel energized, we can do twice as much in half the time.

Watch Interview

Radio Version

Energy Techniques Shared in the Interview

What She Said Talk Radio FM 105.9

Tip #1: Debits and Credits

Energy Audit Technique

Daily Tracking System of Who and What Depletes You

Tip #2: Put a Time Limit on Negativity

Egg Timer Technique

Conscious awareness of how much time with friends and family is spent on complaining (drains our energy) versus solutions (boosts our energy).

Tip #3: Energy is Everywhere

Combat Boots Anchoring Technique

Energetic grounding rituals before interacting in person and online. Especially important for situations and people that drain and deplete you.

Podcast Version

Additional 34 Minute Interview

Reflection Questions

  1. How do you manage your energy throughout the day?
  2. Is energy something you consciously pay attention to?
  3. What is your energy level on a scale of 1-10 right now?
  4. What and who drains you?
  5. What and who energizes you?

58 thoughts on “Energy Awareness

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  1. Shared, shared, and shared! I hope people spend $10 of their $100 on listening to the interview. You provide such common sense, especially at a time when common sense seems to be evaporating with each sunrise. Thank you!

    1. Annette! Can you feel my smile?

      (love the reference to energy tracker from the interview!!)

      Simple things on repeat is my motto.
      And the source of my energy & endurance.

      Life doesn’t have to be complicated.
      (Even during COVID)
      We humans just happen to make it so..

      Thank you again for caring & sharing.
      My energy is multiplied thanks to you ✨✨

  2. #4 is something I just re-blogged. It’s about how I knew I needed to release my best friend five years ago. In a nutshell, the relationship was draining; it took too much energy. Five years later, I have the language to say this and no regrets ❤

    1. Thank you so much Dr. G! For your personal example and for your latest blog post.

      And similar to you, I have had to release some close relationships from my life in order to make room for destiny. Literally! Because if we’re “spending” all of our energy in the wrong places, than we have zero left over for our calling.

      Have a wonderful rest of the week! 💞

  3. Good piece. I discovered a long time ago that there were certain people I wanted to run away from and some I wanted to run to. That’s my barometer for interactions.

    But if I have to deal with someone draining (colleagues/co-workers), I do it in the morning when my energy is at peak, stay focused and in my power, and then shake it off or go for a walk after to get that ju off me. LOL.

    Basically, I tend to release any personal relationships that suck the life out of me. Who has time for that, even if you like/love someone?

    1. Such great strategies!

      I especially love how you tune into your body. Literally.

      “certain people I wanted to run away from and some I wanted to run to.”

      And how you schedule your tasks and interactions according to your own energetic compass.

      Similar to you – my energy is highest in the morning too.

      Plus SHEDDING is everything!

      People often ask where I get all my energy from….

      Energy management is both a creative and destructive act (sounds harsh… but as you say.. sometimes you have to walk / run away..). And that’s ok!

  4. Being aware of my energy as it is and setting up conscious boundaries to protect what I do have and can do have got to be two of the hardest things I contend with. In a ministry situation, serving is what we do, and saying “no” never seems the right response when people are in need. But that’s when I realize I’m not the Messiah–it’s easy to fall into that complex, thinking I’m the one that needs to save others and always be available to help when only Jesus saves. Awareness is a huge necessity. Thanks for this.

  5. Nice tips Andrea. I try to pay attention to who and what energizes vs drains me. I can’t eliminate all the drains, but I can reduce them and not resist them. You’re a wonderful teacher.

    1. I so appreciate your time and energy! Thank you for sharing your personal experiences with this topic and for your encouraging feedback.

      And it’s so true about not resisting what is Brad. The tough parts in life especially. Flowing versus Fighting. A life lesson in surrender that COVID continues to teach us every day.

      Wishing you an invigorating day in the forest tomorrow! Mother Nature. The source of perpetual energy.

  6. Good morning Dr Andrea..
    Listening to you always sets the mind alive..
    Most of us go wrong is because we try to manage time which is constantly ticking away…the focus has to shift from time management to self-management… delegation…trust…eliminating the negatives…setting the priority right…doing what I want to do ..the way what I want to do…
    Stay blessed 🙏😇

  7. Great! It’s so personally relevant to me. Very useful and helpful for me indeed. Thanks for sharing your great wisdom.

    I think it is very important for everyone of us now, especially our front-liners. This sets the right way for human contacts.

    Let’s spread our positive energy to build chains of love and break off with the chains of envy. And I hope to get more positive energy to work on my thesis. 🙂

    1. Good Morning May!

      Thank you for dropping by. Love knowing these ideas resonated with you. And so true about the front line workers. Keeping our energy up is directly linked to our immunity.

      And speaking of thesis motivation May, here is the link to my TEDx Talk:

      My TEDx Talk ^ was created to help young students like you.

      1) Remember their “why”, and
      2) Focus on what’s within their control, when everything feels OUT OF CONTROL.



      I believe in you. ✨

      1. Wow! It’s my great pleasure to become your virtual psychology student ❤

        Thanks for all the love! I will continue to work hard and realise my goal while looking upon the stars:)

  8. I have this moment in time to relax, and to ponder anything and everything. So because you so kindly reply to my Haiku, I’ve used this moment to read your blog and thus thought {{{Why not answer the questions}}}. Therefore, here goes if you also have chill out time available to read this reply:

    Q1) How do I manage my energy throughout the day? A1) Well I’m a very prop directed personality, in that if I am wearing PJ’s I am chilled out with little energy, but if I am in combat trousers with things I know I need in the correct pockets, then I am energized to the max and somehow feel more able bodied and minded. Oh and dance clothes and an appreciative audience waiting on the front row also do the same.

    Q2) Is energy something I consciously pay attention to? A2) Yes, especially if I gradually feel there’s a negative energy build up in the room, that once I become aware of it, I ponder my options and try to choose the best one available to me (sometimes to stand up and quietly walk out).

    Q3) What is my energy level on a scale of 1-10 right now? A3) About 2, but that’s good as I don’t need to be anywhere until tomorrow’s work, and I don’t need to do anything much, well apart from finish off watching S2:E6 of The Durrells on Netflix with a rosehip tea and doughnut.

    Q4 & 5) What (who) energizes me? What (who) drains me? For mega times, the what is to have prepared prior (sometimes that means years of study, sometimes it means clean clothes put out ready) with good vegan food and rest enough prior to the event. Who, well of course it’s me, it’s all an inside job and making sure I look after myself. A5 Unkindness. Unkind, ignorant people’s actions or lack thereof. [END]

    Blessings of peace, joy and noticing the beauty nature brings to our attention within this day.

  9. What drains me? The tyranny we in NY are living under. In order to rise above (hence my new blog name “Above Illusion”), I focus on MY NOW, opening my heart to love and peace and joy.

    I do things that make me happy and bring me joy. I ignore the narrative, and avoid the madness as much as possible that which the dark want us to have as our reality, and NO WAY will I! I stay away from news of all kinds and instead listen to my own “news” called my Inner Guidance.

    I’ve been feeling very energized of late tying into a very high, pure frequency, but then when the collective energy again becomes very heavy, I feel it despite all I do so I take a time out to recharge. These times are brutal for some of us.

    I also found a post today that stopped me in my tracks. We are deliberately not being allowed to see what the MAJORITY of the world is doing so I leave you with this gift, Andrea.

      1. Time to me is not what is important to me. I’m very aware of what my energy level is. On the days I am feeling light and energized, I go. When I am feeling tired I stop and take as much “time” as needed to recharge.

        I’m an “empath” and it is not always possible for me to avoid the collective energy. I am very aware of people’s energy. I avoid those that are passive-aggressive, those that complain or are negative in nature, and rather I save my energy to bring my life back to the new and improved reality that has taught me to be more self-sufficient.

        Learning how when I do cross paths with heavy energy, not to hook into it knowing that is them, NOT ME.

        I’ve also learned through this crisis how to stand up for myself and not allow anyone to do anything to me I don’t want or to tell me what to do. I’ve gone from totally exhausted and shocked, to now very strong with an attitude I AM ME and no one, and I mean no one, has the right to take that from me.

        A lot of GOOD is coming from this historical time.

  10. Super interview, Andrea ⚡ we truly need to be aware of how and where we spend our energy. If makes a huge difference and can be life changing ⚡🙏💛

    1. Seeing you on my page always energizes me! I value your time and energy Syl. Thank you so much for watching the interview. And for your personal testimony of energy psychology. Wishing you a high vibes Thursday 💛✨💛✨

  11. Wow, Dr. Andrea, this is wonderful! Our energy is precious and far too often wasted on people and activities that do absolutely nothing but bring us down. When we aren’t recharging, it’s a recipe of mental health disaster.

    I love that you are reminding people to be more mindful of how they feel, what they feel, when they feel what they feel, AND what to actually do about it. Brilliant post and interview.

    Thank you so much for sharing this! 💕 Sending many blessings to you and yours. Keep up the inspiration. We need your voice.

      1. Aw, Andrea! You have truly made my day. Wow, what a beautiful and special reply. My goodness, I am deeply touched by your words! I look very forward to hearing more from you! 💕

  12. Great post and good points!

    This is especially important right now regarding what news I watch or read and how much time I spend in political conversations with people.

    It can be energizing to share ideas with people who listen with mutual respect.

    But people who are dominant or certain they are right and I’m wrong and they need to convince me might get a couple seconds at best. I’ve got better things to do with my time and energy!

    1. I can relate one hundred percent!

      I love learning new perspective on life and politics. The key is to stay open – to both sides of the coin.

      This ^ is energizing.

      While, the on the other hand, if someone is forceful with their views, and closed to new ideas, it feels like propaganda not conversation.

      Thanks for taking the time and energy to visit my psychology blog Joanna!

  13. As I’ve grown in the last five years, I’ve learned that some of my world is a reflection of what I choose to see. It’s a mirror of my choices, character, and consciousness. I’ve learned that I’m living the most unusual life, though I’m sure each would say that about his/her own.
    When it comes to energy, I put it into that which is evolving. My own life, my relationships with my daughters, friends, love interests, nature.
    I believe that when we INVEST at home base, within ourselves, we gain clarity and direction as to what else of we we want to invest.
    Debts and Credits, the investment going to produce a profit? Or leave you anxious and heavy?
    Time…something we can never get back…and denial we never should practice… Allowing ourselves the proper amount of everything, is the necessary balance.

    This was indeed, a post full of wisdom and guidance!

  14. Great insights. This is such an important topic.

    At the beginning of the year I was spending too much time on negative things. Now, as soon as my mind goes to a negative place, I begin repeating positive affirmations.

    Today 99% of my day is focused on positive energy. I’m going to use your tip on setting a timer for negative energy, so I won’t fall back into old habits.

    Your post made me smile. Thank you for sharing. Take care.

    1. Love knowing I made you smile! And just so you know, that feeling was returned DOUBLE just now.

      Thank you for taking the post and the interview to heart. This is “today’s positive energy reminder” to set the timer on negativity – so you have more ENERGY FOR YOUR DREAMS.

      Lessons Learnt FULL CIRCLE


      1. Yes, I have had a curiosity for it, but this is intriguing me even more. How did you know you wanted to pursue psychology, if you don’t mind me asking? And how long have you had this as a career for?

  15. This is so true for me since TBI, but I am so glad I finally learned what’s worth my time and what’s not. So sad I did not realize this before but glad to know now.

    1. Thank you for reading and watching the interview! I learned the hard way too, having suffered from compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma early in my career as a psychologist. Now I am blessed to pay the lessons forward with my nursing students. Helping them set limits on their time and energy, so they can save it for what counts — their health! 🧘‍♀️💕

      1. That’s so amazing and so needed. I’m a health educator and have worked in healthcare for 15 years in ER, L&D, Care Management and more and compassion fatigue is real. I honestly also think that’s why I moved around for years probably too. I worked for Oregon Medicaid as a health educator and definitely got it there. Amazing you work with nursing students, such important work, skills and knowledge you are giving that is not covered enough if at all.

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