What’s my purpose?

What’s your perspective on purpose?

Is it something you do or something you are?

Is it ignited at birth?

Or at work?

Does it expire at death?

Or when you retire?

The way I see it.

Purpose is for a lifetime.

It’s what lights you up, and sets your soul on fire!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. Divorce has been a big life shaping element in my life since I was 10, and through my own recent divorce. I’ve fought it, embraced it, questioned it, sunk within it, lifted from it, learned from it, let it shape me, and seen the miracle within it. It’s taught me so much and still does. I am working hard to pass what I know to others as a gift of love. This is what I have been working to build my purpose around.

    Yet, sometimes I find myself discouraged in my purpose. One would think that once you find your purpose, life becomes easy. I have found that is not the case. Each day I find myself surrendering to yet another layer of my false belief system. The more I try to focus on my purpose, the more life is throwing obstacles my way. Deep down I know I should let things flow and unfold. But sometimes I want, so bad, to share my purpose to help people recover from divorce, that I become impatient with my purpose. I feel like there is a gift to share and wonder why it is such a project just to get people to first find my offer in the ocean of offers, and then listen, really listen, to my offer. My soul is on fire alone patiently waiting. Who am I kidding. Impatiently waiting. LOL

    1. You have shared your purpose here and it is magic!

      Similar to you, some days I have to fight to find my purpose … and other days it simply flows..

      A key topic in my TEDx Talk on Stress Resilience and Thriving Under Pressure on “Finding & Following Our North Star”.


      Obstacles are a TEST of how truly we are COMMITTED to our current mission, vision, and purpose OR whether it’s time to travel down a different road.

  2. Every motivator tells us to find out our purposee in life. How does one define purpose? Is it something which pulls or something which pushes ? Why is it so difficult to find something which sets our soul on fire , a passion which ignites? For me purpose is something which calls; you naturally gravitate to it. It is something which brings happiness not just to you but spreads it in the environment around.
    It is not related to a job or a period of life: it is life long. My aim has been to reach out to people. Bring them happiness in ways which are within my capability.
    Thank you for always motivating and showing a path.
    Stay blessed always Dr Andrea..

    1. “Purpose is something which calls; you naturally gravitate to it. It is something which brings happiness not just to you but spreads it in the environment around.”

      Amen Jas! Amen

  3. Thank you for this Dr. D! I can so relate to the story you shared about your sister Noelle in the video. I also had a stroke at a young age and have only recently found solace in community gardening. Flowers have always played a big part in my healing. And then one day I saw a flyer for volunteer experts in horticulture at a local college. Needless to say I have found my purpose. A daily one that communes with nature (as you shared in your last post). Keep teaching and sharing your nuggets of light. It helps so many. Warm Wishes, Elizabeth 🌸

    1. I will share your story with my sister Noelle. It will lift her up and remind her that she is not alone.

      Communing with nature daily has been my saving grace this past year and a half.

      Thank you for the reminder and affirmation of re-discovering our purpose daily – in both our environment and within.

      Stay Well Elizabeth

  4. Beautiful advice from a beautiful soul. Thanks for sharing this!! I always try and bring something positive to the table wherever I go. Or some wit to make people smile 😊

    1. So many layers to purpose Dr. G. From the discussions here and on IG. Both micro and macro. A daily dance between the two. And there is no doubt that your purpose is writing. It is what you were born to do.❤

  5. Hello Doctor D. For me, It is always a pleasure to receive your posts. Each post leaves me with something to marvel at and as I usually do, work on the application of the message. Please don’t ever stop posting. Purpose, a fine topic; and probably the question most asked by humankind over the ages. Maybe it was because from very young, I was involved in, what I call, organized religion, that I never questioned my purpose on earth. Now, much later in life, I feel there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’, but rather an individual discovery of ‘my purpose in this life.’ As with so many issues in my life I have found the ancient scriptures to have solid advice. “Seek and you will discover…(my paraphrase.) Many mysteries have been solved for me, using this principle. It appears to always take time to receive the answers, but it has never failed. Blessings Doctor D, long may you share your wisdom with us.

    1. I always love hearing from you! So much wisdom from a life well lived.

      I also believe that there is something so. much. bigger. than us co-creating our lives.

      Which is why when life feels ‘out of control’, I pray to accept what is (a daily prayer!) so that I have energy to tackle what is within my control (this moment).

      A topic I share in a recent YouTube Video:

  6. This post makes me think. Which I appreciate. The pandemic has done a real number on my motivation, especially at work. I will give what you have shared time to percolate and see what I come up with. I also notice that you write about purpose a lot on your blog. Curious to know what motivates each post.

    1. Great question Joe!

      I am an observer of all things. Especially people. And the internet is fruitful with people unknowingly sharing their inner thoughts, subconscious, and motivations. Especially their frustrations!

      Which creates a certain discomfort in me — because I was born to help. BUT I do not have the time, energy, or interest in “saving” everyone I “see”.

      So instead, I make videos about “symbolic” challenges such as purpose – with the hope of reaching as many people as I can ALL AT ONCE. For example, in my TEDx Talk, purpose is talked about in the final 3-4 minutes of my speech as COMMITMENT.

      With the motivation for that particular speech being helping my students through the “in between” of first year and graduation. While other posts on this blog “Purpose for a Day” and “What if our only purpose was to be kind?” and “What’s my life purpose?” were motivated by both a collective loss of daily purpose and my interest in “mindful motivation” aka purpose is who you are – where you are – not what you do.


      Hope that sheds some light! AND reminds you how on purpose you ALREADY are.

  7. Love this. I try to find purpose in it all like my brain injury. Purpose- I understand my son like I never had who had a brain injury as a child. Not getting into nursing school, purpose because I would not be able to be a nurse now that I am disabled but I am a health educator and can still do that even if not working in the brain injury and TBI community. Purpose. I got a divorce, purpose, I met my true soul mate in my 30s and not my young high school love who is my sons father and a great man, just wasn’t great for me:) And so much more. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I love how your purpose is EVERY fork in the ROAD Jessy!

      It truly shows how open you are to seeking and discovering what’s next. I can relate one hundred percent. As my entire life is my Plan B. 1) I did not expect or want to be a teacher, 2) I did not expect or want to live in Windsor Ontario, 3) I did not expect or want to go through a divorce 20 years ago… yet all those forks in the road led to me a higher place.

      What looked like failure on Earth was re-direction and re-alignment in the Heavens.

      Something I write about here:

      Thank you for sharing your personal story of brain injury both here and on your blog. You continue to be a source of inspiration for both myself, your students, and my sister!

      Shine on Jessy. SHINE ON

      1. I love it and love the video. Couldn’t agree more! I would not be who I am without all I have failed at and gone through and am grateful for it all even the awful hard lessons and losses because they taught me SO much 💚

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