Let Your North Star Guide You

My Wish For You Today

May you find peace in your home.

And calm in your heart.

No matter the storm.

PEACE is an inside job. DrAndreaDinardo.com

Psychology Thought for the Day

The goal isn’t to get rid of all our negative thoughts and emotions.

The goal is to change our response to them.

To accept them without judgement.

To transcend them when the time is right.


Mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation. “She accepted both the good and the bad with equanimity”.

This video may help:

Let Your North Star Guide You 

How do you rise above? 💫

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18 thoughts on “Let Your North Star Guide You

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  1. We added two new members to our family before all this happened and they are providing wonderful therapeutic value. They are two small adult dogs that we adopted – a bonded pair. So grateful that they came into our lives at this time.

  2. From Focused and Fearless

    Equanimity is steady through vicissitudes, equally close to the things you may like and the things you do not like.
    Observe when the tendency to move away from what you do not like ends, and the tendency to hold on to what you like is equally absent.
    Personal preference no longer dictates the direction of attention.
    Equanimity contains the complete willingness to behold the pleasant and the painful events of life equally.
    It points to a deep balance in which you are not pushed and pulled between the coercive energies of desire and aversion.
    Equanimity has the capacity to embrace extremes without getting thrown off balance.
    Equanimity takes interest in whatever is occurring simply because it is occurring.
    Equanimity does not include the aversive states of indifference, boredom, coldness, or hesitation.
    It is an expression of calm, radiant balance that takes whatever comes in stride.”

    Mindfulness let’s us get out of our head and drop down into our heart

    Observe your senses without judgment

    1. Once again Marty, your writing takes my breath away.

      Thank you for sharing your North Star experiences with equanimity & mindfulness with me and all our readers.

      Grateful for your wisdom. 💫

  3. Love this Andrea and so very true. We can never get rid of those negative thoughts but we sure can change how we react to them. Yes, anything is possible. 🙏 Thanks for shining so brightly. Happy Easter my friend. 🐣😍

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