Your strengths light my way

The field of positive psychology has been a blessing for me, both personally and professionally.

By focusing on strengths first, I buffer myself against the  vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue often associated with the practice of psychology.

And in turn, my positive approach heightens the resilience and stress hardiness in others. (Boomerang effect!)


Everywhere I go, I’m on the lookout for genius. And I don’t mean genius in the general sense. I mean strengths, assets, gifts, capabilities, multiple intelligences that are unique to each person. (Einstein’s quote below captures it perfectly.)


For not only is strengths finding essential for illuminating the abundance in others, it is essential for harnessing the bounty in ourselves.

As each time we witness the light shining brightly in another, we see their radiance reflected back in ourselves.


Reflection Questions

Identify 2-5 strengths that you witnessed in others today. Describe how seeing the strengths in others brought out the strengths in you.

  1. Today I discovered my sister’s ___________.  This illuminated my:
  2. Today I noticed my manager’s  ____________.  This bolstered my:
  3. Today I uncovered my student’s  __________.  This reinforced my:

“See the light in others and treat them as if that’s all you see.”

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16 thoughts on “Your strengths light my way

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    1. Good for you! Begin by noticing how strengths finding makes you feel more positive.

      For example: When I’m frustrated, tired, and impatient, I tend to jump to conclusions about the person in front of me. Missing their strengths – only noticing their negatives. Inevitably leading to bad feelings, all around.

      In contrast: When I slow down and take a deep breath, I am able see the whole person. Genius. (Weakness.) Strengths. (Fallibility.) And all. This shift (and openness) in perception changes everything. Bringing out the best in them. (And me.)

      As what is in one. Is in all.💫

  1. Hi Dr. Dinardo! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post on the mental benefits of exercise. I enjoyed this post of yours enumerating these wonderful positive tools. I have also signed up to follow your blog. Thanks, again!

    1. Thanks Tony! We share a common interest in the healing effects of exercise. I’ve been a runner since I was 15 years old. And nothing soothes my soul more than the sun in my eyes, trees along the path, and wind on my back. 🌿👟👟🌞

  2. A wise and beautiful post; thank you. The idea of focusing on strengths seems a corollary to neuroscience research that emphasizes consciously recognizing, absorbing and even amplifying positive experiences as one way to partially balance the brain’s innate negativity bias. Love the Einstein quote, and also your observation about mirroring, which I have experienced time and again. A happy new year to you!

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback & powerful insights. Your ideas bring my post to the next level. Mirror neurons are essential for compassion & empathy. Something your neuroscience comment reminded me of. The best! Wishing you a hopeful & uplifting start to 2017.🌟💫

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